Here's some news for you Rince...

Pretty decent article on Moonraker, and why the Jays should start him in AAA.  I don't disagree with the idea either.  The comment about having 6 weeks of Snider this year or 6 months of Snider in 2015 really nailed it for me.  The first 6 weeks of this year he could really struggle (hopefully not) but he could, and with the season we're expecting to have this year (another 4th place finish?) why is it so important to have Snider on the team before May 15?  By 2015 he'll hopefully be an established star so that season could be a monster for him...and it could be a year that they Jays actually compete for a playoff spot unlike this year.

Letting him start in AAA allows him to not only work on his development but also lets him hit in what I understand is a very favourable home park for hitters (though it may slow the development of our top pitching prospects).  That could be good for Snider, if he gets on a roll in AAA he has a better chance of continuing that roll upon his recall May 15th, whereas if he gets in a funk early this year that could really hurt his entire season.


Response from Rincewind:

Decided to move my response into the post.....cause...why not, I can.

I saw this....

It is interesting, and I think that’s why Brett Cecil isn’t going to making the team out of spring training and if Brad Mills doesn’t start the season with us, odds are that will have something to do with it. Some have speculated that the reason why Ricky Romero is back into the race for a rotation job is because they don't want to start the clock on Cecil and Mills. And they might be right

But then the flip side of that is that they have to sell some tickets this year. I’m a big fan and I think watching Moonraker might be the most compelling reason to watch the Jays this year. Having a potential Rookie of the Year should draw some fans.

I would think the Jays will be giving Snider a contract something like Evan Longoria’s in the near future that would buy out his arbitration years and his first season or two of free agency.

I do think that calling him up 3 days before the September call ups was a mistake. If they kept him in the minors for those 3 days then the 32 days he was in the majors last year wouldn’t count towards that.

And you are right, this would have been worth a post…I didn't think I could write enough words about it, but have always been long winded. Nice part about a blog is you don't have to tailor your writing to what fits on a page.


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