View From the Other Side: Baltimore Orioles Series Preview

This time round Matt Sadler from Right Off Russell a Baltimore sports blog contacted us to trade questions so our answers are over at his site and this is what he gave us. Ummmm he likes Gregg Zaun's site a lot more than we do.

Who is the biggest surprise for the Orioles?

I'm going to have to look at starting pitcher Brad Bergeson. I think anybody who followed the O's during the spring training was surprised to not see him on the Opening Day roster. We knew it was only a matter of time before he was called up, but no one thought he would be our most consistent starter. He brings it every time he starts especially at home.

 I don't know much about Dave Trembley, Oriole manager, what are his strengths and weaknesses?

Dave Trembley is a very salt of the earth guy and I think for the most part the players play hard for him.

I think in some ways he's the perfect manager for this team during the rebuilding process. He teaches fundamentals and aggressive play. He lets a young team play young. Then there are moments where his style seems reckless.

Most O's fans like Dave Trembley but they know it's going to take a stud to lead them to the next level.

You have former Jay Gregg Zaun there, how's do you like the Zman? He does have the world's greatest webpage:

It's great to have Zaun back in Baltimore but I never envied his position this season. We all knew it was only going to be a matter of time before Wieters was going to take over, so Zaun was really a stop-gap. His poor play in the early part of the season shortened his time as the starter. Zaunnie knew that he was being paid to prepare the way for Wieters and once the transition occurred, he seemed to find his swing again.

The website is great. Where else can you see the man don a cape and sword and listen to Rush at the same time.

You have a pretty good young team there, you think .500 could be in the future this year?

I think .500 would be a stretch this year. Currently, the O's sit 9 games under .500 and the closest we have seen this team to that marker was during interleague play. I just think too is too much of Boston, New York, and Tampa in the future to have a chance to make that run.

Optimistically, I see .500 as a realistic goal next year.

Think we could trade CFers straight across? Adam Jones looks like a great player, actually your whole outfield is great, which one of the 3 is going to have the best career?

LOL. Fat chance the O's are getting rid of Mr. Jones.

I really do like the outfield of Reimold, Jones, and Markakis. I think they are all talented and have the possibility to put up big numbers, but  I think we are starting to see Jones as being the stud of the group. He just seems to be a super-freak in stature and he is one of those bonafide 5-tool players. I think the one concern about him is that he seems to be a bit more fragile than the other 2 players.

Anything else us Jay's fans should know about the O's?

There is a bit of controversy amongst the fans concerning 3rd base. One on hand you have Melvin Mora, who is a fabulous defender but dreadful with the bat, starting most of the games. On the bench, you have Oscar Salazar, batting .407 off the bench. but is "fair" in the field. At the moment, Salazar is being used as a super-sub late in ball games, but letting that bat sit seems to be a real travesty.

You may see some more out of Salazar this weekend if Aubrey huff is still recovering from his strained groin.

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