Some Pics from the Jays/M's Series (July 27-29)

I just got back home to Smithers last night after my crazy long road trip to Seattle.  2800 km later I think I'm due for an oil change.  And a nap.   Somewhere outside of Cache Creek I heard on the radio about the Scott Rolen trade.  That's really too bad, but I'm sure glad I got to see him play his last game in a Jays uniform

Anyways, a big shout-out to Tom and Carm for hanging out with me one night (and laughing at my jokes...).  That was a good time and it was great to meet the both of you.  This was a great trip for me and I'm already looking forward to Round 2, next season.

Some pics follow below the jump,  with a bit of commentary.  Carm asked me not to post the ones of her dancing on the table, and Tom was adamant that I not release the images of him crawling to the cab at 3:00am.  I'll respect that :-)


Welcome to Safeco Field, indeed.



My view from games 1 and 3, just past first base.


View from game 2, just past 3rd base.


M's banners hanging in right field.  The "116 Wins" one on the right is quite impressive.



This was taken from the concession area.  Your Toronto Blue Jays can be seen warming up to the left of home plate and third base.

And speaking of your Toronto Blue Jays...


Jeremy Accardo, who snubbed me while signing autographs.  Guess I'm too old or not cute enough.  Ah well, it's Jeremy Freakin' Accardo.  Being close enough to touch the hem of his garments was satisfying enough.


Okay folks, I need some help with this one.  He kind of snuck up when I wasn't paying attention and started talking to those fans.  Is that Lyle Overbay?  At first I thought Adam Lind but after looking more I don't think so.  The quality of the pic doesn't help, and if I'd had my wits about me a little better I would have snapped a few more.  

After the first game, I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Campbell.  We talked about the Bruce Dowbiggin article in which Jamie got raked over the coals for his broadcasting skills.  He was bouncing all over trying to meet everyone and get pictures, so I didn't get to chat much more with him.  This picture was taken in a bar called Sluggers, which was absolutely packed with Blue Jays fans.  Tom mentioned the singing of the national anthem that took place the night we went (on Tuesday, these pics were taken on the Monday).  Fantastic stuff, even for an unpatriotic grouch like myself.



Also seen were Brandon League, and the recently rehabilitated Scott Richmond.  Both made time for the Blue Jay faithful, taking pictures and chatting.



Unfortunately for Dirk Hayhurst, Richmond's healthy arm meant a trip back to Las Vegas for him.  I'm quite happy to say I was the recipient of a "Dirk Hayhurst sighting!" on the 27th, as he pitched a solid inning in relief to help the Jays win 11-4.

For more pics of Seattle, feel free to check out my Photobucket site.

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