The report card (Jays style)

Although there's still lot's of baseball to be played, most of us agree the planning for next year
most likely has already begun. With all the negatives this club has experienced this year, there's been
plenty of positives we should look forward to going into next year.. With that, it's important to assess
the role of those in the current roster...

JEREMY ACCARDO  After such a geat season two years ago, he has not regained the same
form this season and with already so much young pitching depth  he might
not be in this team's plans for next year.

SHAWN CAMP It's been an up and down year for the veteran rightander, but he has been more
consistent in the second half of this season.

JESSE CARLSON After an outstanding season last year, he has to be one of the major
dissapointments of our bullpen. However, lately he has been more affective.

BRETT CECIL He struggled after his first callup from Las Vegas, but has since shown  this
organization he deserves to be part of this starting rotation for a long time.

ROY HALLADAY Wtihout any doubt the class of this organization both on and off the field.  Despite
the adversity of this team on the field this year, he continues to perform consistently at a high level.

JASON FRASOR Before the season started, he added a breaking ball to his collection pitches,
which in essence made him a more complete pitcher coming out of the bullpen and
the results have spoken.

BRANDON LEAGUE  Coming into this season, Cito Gaston was super high on this guy.
Considering how hard he can throw and the potential he brings to the table, it's been one of those
years when  called upon from the bullpen, you just don't know which Brandon League is going to
show up.

SCOTT RICHMOND A 30-year old rookie who has for the most part answered the call whether
it's been in the rotation or coming out of the bullpen.  

RICKY ROMERO  If not with last encouragement from pitching coach Brad Arnsberg, it's hard to
believe this guy would not even be with this club at the start of the season. Oustanding season and
a worthy candidate for rookie of the year.

MARK RZEPCZYNSKI  Great potential and shown impressive maturity for a young pitcher..

BRIAN TALLET Thrown in the starting rotation to fill in for Jesse Litsch and responded
with the second highest amount of quality starts by Jays starters so far this year.

ROD BARRAJAS Has put up decent numbers for a catcher this year, but more significantly
has a done a masterful job by handling the young and inexperienced pitching staff.

RAUL CHAVEZ  Solid backup to Barrajas and reliable defensively when called upon
to throw out speedy runners.

ARON HILL  In my opinion the MVP of this team. He has been the most consistent player offensively
for this team this season and just as flawless in his defensive position at second.

JOHN MACDONALD  His play has been limited this year, and it's always a delight watching him
play on the field when he's given the opportunity.

KEVIN MILLAR had quite a good start to the season, but since has been brutal to say the least.

LYLE OVERBAY  A very unpredictable year for a guy who certainly has the potential to put up
better numbers than he has shown this year.

MARCO SCUTARO  Without question the surprise of the team this year. Best OBP on the team
played like an allstar in the SS posiiton and hitting nearly the .300 mark most of the season this far.

JOSE BAUTISTA  Amongst the league leaders in assists playing only in limited time. But below an
average hitter.

JOE INGLETT  Has been called up twice and making very little impact. Time is running out on
opportunities for him to play at the major league level with this organization.

ALEX RIOS As bad a first half of the season he had, he has been able to make better contact in the
second half and in the process drive in a few more runs and hit a few more balls out of the ballpark.

VERNON WELLS It's been a mjor underachieving year in all categories for this guy, especially in
HR"S and RBI's. Watching him hit nearly .300 with bases empty and around .205 with men on
base is just puzzling.

ADAM LIND  What a year and a great future he has in front of him. Hitting the ball hard to both sides
of the field, driving in runs, hitting for average and putting a few balls over the fence, is certainly
been fun to watch....

CITO GASTON It's been a very difficult year to manage a team that has sustained so many
key injuries to his pitching staff. But the biggest problem to resolve has been finding a way to
get hitters to drive in runs in scoring position, which is something that has contrbuted significantly
his team collapse after a 27-14 record to begin the season.

BRAD ARNSBERG   a commanding job handling and teaching avery young stafff that filled in
so many holes  due to injuries this season.

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