Arbitration Time

As well as our free agents, the Jays have to have to deal with a few other arbitration eligible players. Of the four free agents, Olivo and Scott Downs won't take the arbitration offer. Jason Frasor might have to.  Kevin Gregg has the toughest choice. With 121 saves in the last four years, he might be able to get more money from an arbitrator than he would be able to get on the free market. If I was him the decision would be based on whether my agent says there is interest and on how much I liked playing in Toronto. Maybe he figures he'd like to play for John Farrell?

Other Jays that are arbitration eligible:

Jose Bautista: Last year of arbitration. Signed for $2.4 million last year, avoiding it. What ever happens, he will get a big raise this year. The Jays could try to sign him to a long term deal now or they could go for another one year deal and see if last year was a fluke. Either way he should be looking at somewhere close to $10 million this year. 

Shaun Marcum: Second year. He gave us a great season for $850,000 last year. He'll likely be over $3 million this year. 

Yunel Escobar: First arbitration year.  A career total WAR of 12.3 should get him between $2 and $3 million I'd think.

Rajai Davis: Second arbitration year. He made $1.3 million last year. Somewhere around $2.5 million would seem right. 

Fred Lewis: First arbitration year. A little jump on the $455,000 he got last year should be in order, nothing more than a million, I would hope. 

Shawn Camp: Last arbitration year. Made $1.15 million last year. He would still be a bargain at $2.0. 

Brandon Morrow: First arbitration year. Made about the league minimum last year. Would think he'd be getting somewhere around $1.5 this year. 

Jeremy Accardo: Last arbitration year. $1.08 mill last year to pitch in Vegas. I would think he would get about the same this year. Question is: do the Jays want to pay it?

Casey Janssen: Second arbitration year. Made $700,000 last year. Likely will jump to a bit more than a million.

Jesse Litsch: First arbitration year. Likely the Jays will offer him half a million. 

Dustin McGowan: Second arbitration year. They signed him for $500,000 last year, I'd guess that they will do that one more time. 

I think that's all of our arbitration eligible players.

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