Santa's Christmas List

Santa please bring the following good and bad boys these items:

Travis Snider: A manager that believes in him.

Dustin McGowan: Health, the economy sized package.

Derek Jeter: No more Gold Gloves, unless somehow he earns one.

Dirk Hayhurst: Another best seller or two and a major league contract. 

Adam Lind: A first baseman's glove and a break from the all the commenters that are just dying to be the first to say 'Lyle would have made that play'.

Jose Bautista: More homers and no idiot writers telling us about 'questions that need to be asked'.

Edwin Encarnacion: Fewer E5's and someone to set off the fireworks for him this New Year's Eve.

John Farrell: The ability to answer questions, even if they are from Mike Wilner and a long career with the Jays.

Brandon Morrow: One more out.

Bert Blyleven, Roberto Alomar and Tim Raines: A plaque in the Hall of Fame. 

Brett Cecil: Wins.

John McDonald: No starts in the outfield.

Yunel Escobar: More big smiles.  

Alex Anthopoulos: No more stories about how young and inexperienced he is.

Lyle Overbay, Scott Downs, Shaun Marcum and Kevin Gregg: Our thanks and good luck in the future.

Cito: An enjoyable retirement and great travel. And help him write a autobiography Santa. 

Marc Rzepczynski: A spot in the rotation and fewer misspellings of his name. 

Shawn Camp, David Purcey, Casey Janssen, Carlos Villanueva and whoever else ends up in our bullpen: Lots of leads to protect.

Bud Selig: Retirement.

Brett Lawrie: Patience.

Jesse Litsch: A smooth recovery.

Vernon Wells: Continued health and less need for his charity work.

J.P. Arencibia: No more stories guessing that he isn't good at game calling.

Aaron Hill: The ability to forget 2010. 

Jason Frasor: Saves.

Ricky Romero: The notice he deserves. 

Kyle Drabek: RoY award.

All our prospects: A step forward.

The Jays: Fans. 

Yankees and Red Sox: Coal, as always. 

Hugo: Time with his kids, a dad can't ask for anything better.

Me: As always, time with my boys. I'd ask for a week in Mexico but that's already under the tree. And another year of getting to do this.

All of Us: Health and more great baseball to watch.

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