Saturday Morning Bantering: Links

G'morning. We still have a couple of spots left in our fantasy baseball league so send me a note, if you would like to join in. If you are looking to start your own league, somewhere on the page there is a link to that would save you half price from their usual fee. Or click here:

Jays play the damn Yankees today. Shaun Marcum is to start. Other pitchers that will see action: Willie Collazo, Zach Jackson, Rommie (?) Lewis, Robert Ray, Steven Register, Merkin Valdez and Zech Zinicola. The game will be on the FAN 590 and on MLB Audio. It is also on MLB.TV, that's what happens when you play the Yankees. Today's lineup:

Bautista 3B

Hill 2B

Lind DH

Wells CF

Overbay 1B

Reed RF

Gonzalez SS

Snider LF

Molina C

Cuban SS on the wish list of a number of us Jay fans, Adeiny Hechevarria has been cleared to sign with any MLB team by the 'Office of Foreign Assets Control'. The other Cuban on our wish list, Jose Ruiz, has changed agents, so it might be a bit before he signs.

Jordan Bastian has a profile of JP Arencibia, including this bit on his health troubles:

Since birth, Arencibia has had a problematic kidney condition that remained asymptomatic until last year. He suffered from a ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction, which is a blockage in a tube between the kidney and bladder. During last season, Arencibia had a liter of fluid that was blocked and his weight increased to 220 pounds.

It reached the point where Arencibia was at risk of needing to have his right kidney removed -- something he wanted to avoid if possible. In September, the catcher underwent a surgery to remove the blockage, saving the kidney, but ultimately losing some of the organ's function. After the operation, Arencibia said his weight dropped to 193 pounds.

He also mentions JP's vision troubles:

"Every doctor I talked to said, 'Wow, you're playing with that vision?'" Arencibia said. "So that was my indicator."

Robert MacLeod, in the Globe, writes about pitching coach Bruce Walton. He refused to become a scab back when the owners locked out the players, in 1995, so my respect for him has taken a big step up.

Jeremy Sandler writes about Alex Anthopoulos in the National Post, there was even a shot at JP:

"I think for the first time really since the middle of last off-season ... there's a clear direction and a path about where we're going," says Anthopoulos.

The Star has a story titled "Red Sox impressed already by Scutaro". We all knew they'd like him.

John Lott in the National Post writes about Jeremy Accardo's less than fun 2009. Gotta hope better for him this year but there are a lot of arm trying for a spot in the pen.

.Ken Fidlin, in the Sun, writes about Jose Bautista's quick start to spring and another one noting Brad Mills start yesterday in the B game, saying he could play himself into the rotation battle

And, also in the Sun, Bob Elliot talks to some of the Canadian major leaguers about Canada's Gold Medal hockey win.

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