Tallet vs. Eveland

Looks like we're stuck with both of these guys, at least to start the season.  I think one is destined for the bullpen and the other is destined for the back of the rotation.  Tallet pitched well enough last season, minus a few bad outings, and Eveland pitched well this Spring.  Personally, I didn't see the point in bringing in any of them this season (given our abundance of arms), even Tallet and his $2+ mil salary, but I suppose it isn't the end of the world considering the injuries we have.

Most fans seem to want Eveland in the rotation and Tallet in the pen, despite Eveland's horrific season in 09.  Eveland's career WHIP is 1.7 and Tallet's is 1.4.  Eveland's career best WHIP was in 08 and it was close to 1.5, and in the AL West.  Tallet's career worst WHIP was last season and it was close to 1.5, in the AL East.  Statiscally, of the two, Tallet is clearly the better pitcher, and so shouldn't he be given the most innings?

As mentioned, most fans want to see Eveland in the rotation.  I'm guessing this is based on two things.  He's new, and he had a terrific Spring.  Did he really have a better Spring than Tallet though?  Let's look closer again.

Tallet's Spring WHIP was 1.19, he had 0.25 BB/IP, 0.69 K/IP, and an ERA of 5.06.

Eveland's Spring WHIP was 1.23, he had 0.27 BB/IP, 0.86 K/IP, and an ERA of 1.23

Tallet likely had some bad luck and Eveland likely had some good luck, because as you can see, some of their peripherals are similar.  In any event, a 22 inning Spring training sample size is nothing to get excited about, and I don't expect Eveland to be anything special this season.  The problem is for AA, how can you bring a guy in who is out of options, you give him a ton of Spring innings, have him pitch to an ERA of 1.23, and then cut him loose?  In that case, what was the point?

With Carlson out, at least he makes for a lefty out of the pen right?  Yes, but he (as well as Tallet) are not your typical lefties.  Eveland's career WHIP against lefties is .823 versus .802 against righties.  Tallet's career WHIP against lefties is .769 versus .725 against righties.  They're both more effective against righties.  Therefore, they don't have the typical value of a lefty in the pen.  This leaves Scott Downs as the only effective lefty in the pen, and he probably can't fill the role of lefty specialist, being too busy as the set up man.  What's going to happen?  Cito will use Eveland/Tallet as lefty specialists anyways, despite the numbers (I'm guessing).

I think would have liked to see if Purcey could stick in the pen, but oh well.  We'll find out today, and my money is on the following

Marcum, Romero, Morrow, Eveland, Cecil

Frasor, Downs, Gregg, Valdez, Tallet, Camp, Janssen

Accardo's going to blow a fuse, haha!


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