Double-A Roundup Opening Weekend

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats swept the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins) in their rain-shortened 3 game series this weekend down in New Britain.  Some notes behind the jump.

Three Stars: Brad Emaus went 5 for 11 with a home run to left field and 2 doubles.  He drove in 6 runs and also walked twice.  He didn't see a lot of pitches, (only 5 times in 13 plate appearances did he make the pitcher throw 4 or more pitches) but then again why wait when you can hit them?  He didn't strike out once which was also impressive.

Two Stars: Zachary Stewart went 5 strong innings in his start and could have gone longer if he had not been on a pitch count (~79 pitches give or take a couple i may have missed).  He never faced more than 4 batters in an inning and only gave up one run on a solo home run that was barely fair and barely out of the park.  He had 3 strikeouts (all looking) to just one walk.  Only 8 balls made it out of the infield against him and 4 of those were base hits. 

One Star: Kyle Drabek went 5 innings and recorded 8 strikeouts. He also took a line drive off of his pitching hand at the end of the fourth inning.  He did give up a double off the wall and a deep home run in the first inning but he settled down until getting hit.  He came back out in the fifth inning and looked to be affected by a possible slight injury/bruise.  He bounced about 6-8 pitches in the dirt and threw 2 wild pitches that were nowhere near the plate that both lead to runs bringing his total to 4 earned runs in just 5 innings.   The 8 strikeouts were impressive though.

Honorable Mention: "Tiny" Tim Collins went 1 2/3 innings in relief and struckout 5.  He faced 7 batters and not one put the ball in play.  He did walk 2 (including walking a run home on a 3-2 pitch) but the 5 strikeouts were filthy.  His curveball looks much better than last year and once he got in his groove he struckout the last 4 batters he faced, all in the middle of the lineup.

Other: Danny "Lord" Farquhar picked up 2 saves that look good on the stat sheet but were a little tough.  Every batter made him throw at least 5 pitches (except for one 4-pitch walk) and he fell behind most of them.  He managed just 1 strikeout and it was a called strike three about shin high. 

David Cooper was his usual self.  He was a consistent 1 for 5 in each of the three games.  He showed increased plate discipline and didn't strike out but he also didn't walk.  

Adam Loewen stole 2 bases. I didn't know he could run. Nothing else to write home about though.

Darin Mastroianni hit a leadoff home run and then a few more to the warning track.  There was a strong wind blowing in for games 2 and 3 that kept a few hits in the park and I think Darin was on the short end of probably 2 hits off the wall.

Non-prospect Adam Calderone tore it up going 5 for 13 with a home run, triple, double and 2 singles.  Four of those five hits were off the wall or over  it.  He was also on the short end of 2 phenominal plays in the outfield.

Eric Thames went 2 for 12 with two doubles in his double-a debut.



That's about it.  My next report will come in in the middle of the week next week and will include games played from this Thursday through next Tuesday which will include 2 Zach Stewart starts and 1 Kyle Drabek start. 

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