Our Minor League Starting Pitchers

So we have hit all the position players: outfieldersthird basemen,  shortstopssecond basemenfirst basemen and catchers

Time for the starting pitchers.

Las Vegas:

Robert Ray is 3-2 with a 3.44 ERA after 6 starts. 17 walks and 24 k in 36.2 innings. A bit too many walks but only 2 home runs against. Pretty good in the PCL. On Mother's Day he threw a complete game shutout. He's 26.

Brad Mills is 2-2, 3.09 after 6 starts. 13 walks, 40 k in 35 innings. Only 2 homers allowed as well. 25 year old lefty.

Ray Reidier hasn't fared so well, 3-2 with a 9.10 ERA. 9 walks and 21 k, 5 homers in 30.2 innings. He got shelled in his last start, 10 earned in 4 innings, but hasn't been good in any start. He's 24.

Lance Broadway hasn't been much better, 0-4 with a 7.12 ERA. 20 walks and 19 k in 30.1 innings, just what you want, more walks that strikeouts. He is 26. He hasn't showed much since being a first round pick for the White Sox in 2005.

Zack Jackson has made 3 starts since Cecil was called up. 4.50, 1-1, 16 walks and 12 k in 22 innings, some in relief. He'll be 27 Thursday.

New Hampshire:

Luis Perez is 3-2, 3.08 at 6 starts. 16 walks, 25 k in 38 innings. Pretty good WHIP too at 1.18. He's 25.

Kyle Drabek is 4-2, 3.18 in 6 starts. 18 walks, 34 k in 34 innings. A good ground/fly ball ratio at 1.79 and a .236 batting average against. Too many walks but it's early. He's 22.

Randy Boone is 1-2, 2.93 in 4 starts. 7 walks, 25 k in 30.2 innings. 0.98 WHIP. Only 1 homerun allowed. He's 25.

Bobby Bell hasn't been doing as well at the start of his first Double-A season. 2-2, 6.67 in 6 starts. 8 walks, 25 k in 29.2 innings. He's giving up too many hits (40) and homers (6), but it's early in the season. The good walk to strikeout rate might be a sign of good things to come. He did have a couple of good starts in the middle of the 6 but the last two have been bad.

Zach Stewart hasn't had a good start to the season either. 2-1, 6.94 after 5 starts. 11 walks, 16 k. He has mixed in a couple of good starts with the bad too. Strikeouts are down for him. He's 23.


Henderson Alvarez is 3-1, 1.97 after 6 starts. 8 walks, 18 k in 32 innings. No home runs allowed. Pretty impressive start to his year, coming up from pitching in Lansing last year. Strikeout numbers are down a bit. He might get moved to Double-A. He is 20.

Joel Carreno also moved up from Lansing. He is 1-3, 4.83 in 6 starts. 31.2 innings, 8 walks, 38 k, that's a pretty good ratio, but batters have a .344 average against him. He is 23.

Ryan Page is 1-3, 5.89 after 5 starts. 11 walks, 10 k in 30.2 innings. He is 24.

Andrew Liebel is 1-4, 4.91 in 6 starts. 15 walk, 15 k in 29.1 innings. He's 24. I'm hoping his numbers will improve.

Charles Higgins is 3-0, 1.91 in 5 starts. 8 walks, 27 k in 28.1 innings. No home runs allowed to go with that good strikeout to walk rate. He was one that just missed out on our top 30 prospect list. He turned 24 last week.


Ryan Shopshire is 2-2, 6.21 in 7 starts. 12 walks, 28 k in 37.2, a good ratio but he's given up too many hits. He is 24.

Chad Jenkins is 2-2, 3.68 in 6 starts. 8 walks, 35 k in 36.2 innings. Our first round draft pick last year, he's 22 and looks like he could move up a level very soon.

Ryan Tepera, 2-1, 4.31 in 6 starts. 12 walks, 18 k in 31.1. He's 22.

Evan Crawford, 1-1, 3.13 in 3 starts, 5 relief appearances. 4 walks, 22 k in 23 innings. He's 23.

Dave Sever is 1-1, 3.71 in 3 starts and is on the DL. He's 23.

Matt Fields is 1-1, 3.52 in 3 starts and is also on the DL. 1 walk and 12 k in 15.1 innings. He is 23.

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