Who is your MVP so far?

We're about a month into the 2010 season and the Jays are playing .500 baseball.  It could be worse, as many predict the Jays to be an awful team this year.  So far, they've scored 122 runs (5th in AL) and have allowed 115 runs (8th in AL).  I'd say that's pretty much in line with their .500 record.

The first month of this season has certainly been one that had Jays fans on the edges of their seats, both for good and bad.  The Jays mounted four late inning come-from-behind wins (Tex 8th, Bal 9th and 11th, and KC 20th).  However, it's also well known to Jays fans that they've coughed up their own wins, due to late inning blow ups.  Notably, Jason Frasor seems to have lost a step this season, and it's cost the Jays at least 2 wins.  The Jays late inning blow ups were against Texas on the 5th, Chicago 12th, Tampa Bay 24th, and Boston 27th.  In my opinion, the Tampa Bay loss (7 runs in the 7th) hurt because it was the Jays first competition against the AL East, they had just come off a Win, Romero was pitching a hell of a game, and they could have assured a series victory and made a little statement.  Instead, they lost and it started a 5 game skid, which included a sweep at the hands of the Red Sox.

Anyways, the purpose of this FanPost is to get your opinion on who the Jays MVP has been so far, after just over a month of action.  More info after the jump.

Let's start with the hitters.

Adam Lind has maybe not performed quite as well as expected so far, but he's still been OK, I think.  He's shown his usual power, but has been somewhat quiet for the most part.  What concerns me a little is that he's done very well against righties, but is only hitting .167 with 0 HR's, in 30 AB's against lefties so far.  His K's are really high too.  We'll see if he can turn it around I guess.  It's a long season.  So his numbers are
Avg .260, OBP .330, SLG .440, Runs 13, HR 4, RBI 14, BB 11, K 29, He played DH mostly.

Jose Bautista started off well, but has really tailed off lately.  Even his OBP stinks now.  I still think he's been valuable, getting hits at opportune times, hitting some HR's and filling in at 3B.  However, if he keeps this up, I think (or at least hope) that Encarnacion and Lewis will show that they are more productive than that.  Again, we'll see.

Avg .206, OBP .301, SLG .402, Runs 13, HR 4, RBI 16, BB 13, K 24, He played pretty good defense, and has been versatile defensively.

Vernon Wells has been incredible.  I don't know where the Jays would be without him so far.  He's done everything at the plate.  As Jays fans, we can only hope that this is a sign of things to come for the next 4-5 years.

Avg .330, OBP .385, SLG .690, Runs 21, HR 8, RBI 18, BB 8, K 16.  I also think he's been playing some pretty good CF.  I don't hear many complaints from fans anyway.

Alex Gonzalez has been equally incredible.  He might be the biggest surprise in the majors so far.  When they signed him, I thought to myself.  "Alright, this is OK, a defensive SS to help the Jays young pitching staff".  He's done that too, but really his early offensive showing has overshadowed his fine defense.  It's almost a shame that it likely won't continue all season.  It's certainly been enjoyable, and he's got a good chance at surpassing his career high of 23 HR's.  If he could swap a few of his K's for walks that'd be great, but I won't ask for too much.

Avg .276, OBP .303, SLG .619, Runs 15, HR 8, RBI 21, BB 3, K 28.  Very solid defense.


Some very encouraging signs.

Shaun Marcum has continued where he left off, and may have actually improved, at least statistically.  He doesn't get hit much, and maintains a pretty low walk rate.  When he keeps the ball in the ballpark, he's very good.

W/L 1-1, ERA 3.12, IP 40.1

Ricky Romero has quite simply pitched like an ace (not that Marcum hasn't also).  He probably should have won every ball game he pitched so far, and who could forget the 1 hitter, ruined by our very own Alex "who gives a heck" Rios.  We're all excited to see if Romero can keep this up.

W/L 2-1, ERA 2.25, IP 36.1

Dana Eveland was very good for his first 3 starts.  The Jays won each of those games.  He's been pretty bad since, but overall has still been quite valuable so far, I think.

W/L 2-1, ERA 4.76, IP 28

Where would the Jays be without Kevin Gregg.  He took over the Jays closing duties from a struggling Frasor and has been unbelievable in the closer role.  Of course, based on last year's performance, this is totally unexpected.  This leads me to believe that either 1) it is unsustainable or 2) AA is a total genius and somehow saw something that other GM's didn't.  Either way, he's been a force in the bullpen.

W/L 0-0, ERA 0.82, IP 11, 6-6 in SVO

I thought I'd throw Casey Janssen in there.  He hasn't pitched particularly well, but he's been a good luck charm.  He's 3-0.

W/L 3-0, ERA 6.55, IP 11

So who's your MVP?

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