Summary of Blue Jays Power Rankings

Good day BBB!

I was doing some interweb perusing this morning and trying to get a vibe about the "National Media's" perception of our heroic azure-tinged corvidae. I decided to share my findings with my dear blog buddies.


So without further adieu, on to the Rankings!

CBS Sportsline. This week 7 - Last week 5

Consider this a preemptive downgrade, as the schedule goes from giggly to mean in the weeks ahead. June should be fun: Nine straight games against the Rays and Yankees, followed by a Rockies/Padres/Giants/Cardinals/Phillies chaser. They also lose a home series now that the G20 conference has Toronto cops taking their riot ticklebatons out of storage ... Thanks to Jose Bautista, nobody has noticed that the OBPs of Adam Lind and Aaron Hill continue to hover below .300 (aka the Molina Line). They should send him a gift as a token of their appreciation. I would go with a nice Harry & David fruit basket, myself.

ESPN - This week 9 - Last week 6.

Edwin Encarnacion is 7-for-19 (.368) with six home runs and 11 RBIs since returning from a sore right shoulder.

CNNSI - This week 11 - Last week 9

Since Sept. 7, 2009 no one in baseball has hit more home runs than . . . Jose Bautista? Sure enough, the Blue Jays' third baseman and outfielder has hit 21 homers in that time span, and no one else has more than 16, the number Paul Konerko and Dan Ugglahave hit. Bautista didn't hit his first career roundtripper until his 80th game and he has never hit more than 16 in a season but he already has 11 in 2010.

FOX Sports - This week 10 - Last week 5

Bombs away. The Jays hit 10 of their major league-leading 76 home runs in three games at Chase Field over the weekend but still won only one of three games as their starting pitching struggled

SBNation - This week 6 -  Last week 8

Quick! Who leads baseball in home runs? If you said "Paul Konerko," you're right. Kind of. Because the Jays' Jose Bautistaalso has hit 14 home runs, tying him with Konerko. If that doesn't shock you, I'll tell you Vernon Wells is tied for fourth with 11. Yeah, these Jays can mash and it seems like they'll be doing it all season long.

Beyond the Boxscore - This week 6, Last week 10

No commentary, just the lovely numbers like LgAdj, xFIPrns and EqBRR.

craig in calgary - This week 1, last week 1


JOBAAAUAUAUUAUAUU WOOOOOO!!!!!!!! LOLOLAASOO roflcopter !!!!1111111111

So there you have it fellow BlueBirdBanterers. The national media has them ranked somewhere between 6 and 11. I have them ranked #1. What do you say? Where would you rank the Jays?

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