What do we need to take the curse off the bats? Jays Lose to Indians.

Blue Jays 1 Indians 3

Man the bats have died. As great as we were hitting in May, we are just the opposite now. Thankfully the calendar is turning again. 

Jesse Litsch looked really good. He gave up a home run and a double in the first but then shut down the Indians until the 6th when he gave up a run on a single, walk and single before getting out of the inning. Jose Bautista helped him out by throwing out a runner going to third. Jesse's line: 6 innings, 4 hits, 2 earned, 2 walks, 2 k. Pretty decent. But then he still got the loss. 

Our offense did nothing, yet again. What was it they used in Bull Durham to take the curse off their bats? Oh right, here is the line from Crash Davis:

We need a live rooster to take the curse off Jose's glove and nobody seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy for their wedding present.

So it wasn't the bats, it was the glove. Shows how good my memory is. 

Anyway we got a big 6 hits and 2 walks on the day. Only 2 of the hits were for extra base, a double each for Gonzalez and Hill. 

Speaking of curses, what is it with our third basemen? EE made, well a few errors. Bautista, some. Hoffpauir, yeah he's got one already. And now, the Prime Minister of Defense himself makes an error at third two days in a row. Maybe we need a bunch of live roosters. 

Jays of the Day? Lyle Overbay (.103, getting his 1000th hit) and Nick Green (.097) have the numbers. Litsch deserves honorable mention. Suckage? Would it be enough to say everyone else? No? Ok. Lewis (-.183, leaving 5 on base), Hill (-.107, someone please fix him), Bautista (-.105, where are the members of the BAS now?), Wells (-.097) and Gonzalez (-.097, hitting into yet another DP with his first swing of the bat). 

So I think we've answered the musical question about whether the Jays should be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. If they can get anything for Overbay, Gonzalez, Bautista, Downs, Frasor or almost any of the other guys, they should. We might as well take a look at Wallace, Emaus, Arencibia, McCoy or Lubanski. 

Tomorrow is an early game, 12:00 Eastern. Maybe we can celebrate Canada Day with a win. 

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