My Baseball memory

Hello, I am in grade 9 and we had to do an article of our favourite memories. I love baseball and play it a lot. So naturally I picked a baseball memory to write about. I would love to know what people think about it and would like constructive criticism.

Baseball Memoir

“I heard the crack of the bat, I saw the flight of the ball and where it was going. I thought we had no chance to get it. Right up the middle, literally no way. Then out of no-where, I see him dive. Right to where the ball is and he comes up with it. Our second baseman stopped the ball and threw it right to me at first. All I had to do was catch it.

  The year was 2010, Toronto baseball championship, final round game three of three. My team was the lowest ranked team in the playoffs; we had to play the most games in the least amount of days. It was a double header after the semi-final earlier that day (three games in one day after two games the day before) and it was hot. It was the toughest day of baseball I have ever been a part of.

  The game went down to the wire we were evenly matched teams, every game being decided by 2 runs or less and one went into extra innings. It was the last inning and we were winning by one, and the other team had a runner on third and 2 out when that play happened. If it was a hit it would have been tied up and sent into extra innings.

  “If I caught the ball we would be off to the Ontario Baseball Championships for the first time since the people on our team were 7. All I had to do was catch the ball, but I was late on 1st base because I didn’t think the play would be made.”

I was the leader of the team that year (and have been since) everyone expected me to make the catch, I was the best offensive player maybe in the league and definitely on my team and was probably up there for best defensive first basemen in the league too. I love to lead by example and this was a perfect time to do it, winning the Toronto championships for my team. I had gone 14 for 18 at the plate and catching the ball would be a great way to finish off the tournament.

  “The ball was coming in fast, hard and right on target. At that moment I started thinking how bad and what a waste my performance would have been if I dropped the ball. I could see the ball clearly. I saw the seams spinning its way towards me. It was only a matter of seconds. 5, 4, 3; I closed my eyes, 2, 1. SNAP. My glove closed and I heard a roar. I opened my eyes and saw my teammates jumping up and down.”

  The look on their faces alone gave me chills. But it wasn’t just us that this victory was for, it was also for the parents who had put up with driving us everywhere and the fact that our coach wasn’t the best, but they had put up with so much losing. But seeing them happy for our win was another thing that made it so special. I have spent countless hours, countless days and many summers with these guys, and we will remember that win for the rest of our lives.


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