Blue Jays Rumors

Let's face it, the Blue Jays are rumored to be after every person that has ever worn a baseball glove or swung a bat. I'm kind of sad that I haven't been mentioned yet. I guess they know I can't hit a curveball. Or fastball. Or slider. But if you find a guy that only throws eephus pitches, I'm your guy. 

Anyway, lets look at some of the players that the Jays have been linked to:

  • Rafael Furcal: Jays might like him as a second baseman, but he would rather be a SS. He hit just .231/.298/.348 with the Dodgers and Cardinals last year. He had a really good season in 2010 hitting .300/.366/.460 with 22 steals. He's 34, but I don't thing the Jays would want him for more than a year or a year plus an option. I'd rather have Kelly Johnson. He made $13 million last year, he'd have to be willing to take no more than half that from the Jays. 
  • Yu Darvish: Bob Elliot said that his posting fee "could be as much as $100 million". No Bob, his posting fee won't be that high but posting plus his contract could go to that much. He's getting a fair bit of interest, in part because there isn't much for starting pitchers on the free agent market. 
  • C.J. Wilson: The best arm in this year's free agent market, because of that, I think, he'll get too much money. I agree with most of what Marc Normandin wrote here about why the Red Sox shouldn't sign him. He's been good but I don't think he would be as good in the AL East. 
  • Ryan Madson: If he is expecting $11 million a year for 4 years, I hope we aren't the ones that are going to pay it. 
  • David Ortiz: I'm sure the Jays are going to wait to see if the Red Sox will offer him arbitration. If they don't then I'd like then to take a run at him. If they do offer it, I'm not sure that Ortiz doesn't accept. 
  • Yoenis Cespedes: I think that video didn't help him in the eyes of teams. I think, if he is going to get $30 million, I'd rather t be from another team. 
  • Mark Buehrle: Oh I hope not.
  • Heath Bell, Joe Nathan, Andrew Bailey and Jonathan Broxton: Please not Bell. Any of the other three I'd be ok with, depending what it costs us to get them. 
  • Ryan Doumit: Marc likes him for the Jays. I did a couple of years ago. I'm not as sold on him now, I don't see him as much of an upgrade. over what we have. 
  • Aramis Ramirez: I think it was his agent that suggested he would be a good pickup for the Jays. An interesting thought for first base, but he made over $14 million last year. I don't think we would want to spend that much. He'll be 34.

Who have I missed and who do you want? 

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