I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore!

With the unveiling of the Blue Jays new logo and uniforms on Friday one thing is clear: the Blue Jays don't respect our online community. No one from any Blue Jay related fan blog was invited to the ceremony, yet the logo was first leaked by a sports blog. The fans that care most about this event were given no representation at all.  How much longer are we going to put up with this?




The world has changed and it seems that the Blue Jays are among the last to realize it.

I don't need to tell you what you already know. Fans come to blog sites to get their information much more frequently than they do newspaper sites or even the official Blue Jays site. Who else is sick of the sports writers dictating what is important to us as fans? Why shouldn't fan blogs be given the same access?

Baseball is perfectly suited to the Blog-o-sphere so why is that community being continuously ignored and shut out of media events like the one on Friday? Even the main stream media realizes how big the blogger fan world is.


When are we going to be granted similar access to the teams that we actively support, promote and enjoy as an online community?

We are the fans, we are the one who buys the tickets, food, beer and merchandise. Without us they cannot function as a business. I think it is past the time that we joined all the Jays blogs together and used the online power that we collectively hold to make the Blue Jays and Rogers recognize that they owe us a level of inclusion in this process.

Consider that as fans they have a responsibility to us. Without the fans what do they have? Look around, just how many of us post online? We have members from all over the world -not just Canada -if they ever expect to fill the stadium they are going to have to reach out to us.

This is a call...

Step 1: Organize all Blue Jay blogs into one organized community. With the linking and cross communication that we have in place this should be relatively easy to complete. We just need to get together on message and then communicate that message as a group. First step is to get all the Jay blogs talking. Link this post and let’s get talking and see if we can all get on the same page and organize.

Step 2: Social Media/email campaign of polite terror. All the players and important members of management are online we can get direct access to them en mass. If we fill their mail boxes and twitter/facebook pages with a unified demand, something as simple as #GiveFanBlogAccess -we will show them the might, passion and most importantly the numbers that this fan base can bring to bear.

Step 3: Occupy Alex Anthopoulos's office.

Please add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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