The Yu Darvish Aftermath

This is my first fanshot, be kind.

Originally when the off season began, I was not sold on the Jays winning the Yu Darvish bid. I remember my thoughts when the Red Sox won the Dice K bid, 51 million dollars just to TALK to him? I thought it was ridiculous, and I felt the same way regarding Yu. I didn't want the Jays to give a Burnett like contract (overpay) for Wilson, and I did not want them to spend 51 mill + just to talk to Yu.

Then as the bid process went underway I started to warm up to the idea, the scouting reports saying his worst was better than Matsuzaka's best, his frame being taller and stronger, and most importantly perhaps, the buzz he was creating amongst Blue Jays fans and the baseball world.

Suddenly the Jays weren't an AL East afterthought. The whole baseball world seemed to be giving attention to the lone North of the Border team. Suddenly, it appeared like Toronto was going to win at something. For once it wouldn't be the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays or even the Phillies. The belief was that the Blue Jays, and their fans would finally have something to cheer about.

That all came to a crashing halt last night. After spending a little less than a week allowing myself to be convinced this was a great opportunity for Toronto, it ended up being all for not. I can go back to my gut instinct, that as JP said 51 million just to talk to a guy is a lot of money.

So, like many of you I am asking what is next? Gio? Garza? Danks? For their likely asking price I hope not. Why take the risk that our current pitchers won't be better, that those guys will be, and that the prospects we would have to ship off won't make us look silly? Neither of those three seem like guys worthy of the Halladay-esque package it would cost to get them. Heck, would Latos even have been, considering what we already have in our system?

Beltran? Colour me unimpressed with that idea. He will likely cost similar dollars as Bautista, is older, which goes against the idea of the youth movement we have been sold on.

Prince? Maybe. Before you all groan hear me out. I truly believe that there are only two teams rumored to be interested in Prince may be willing to give him the money he wants. Texas and the Cubs. Texas has said all along they don't want to pony up the cash. If this is true that leaves the Cubs. The Cubs are rumored to be interested in Rizzo, if that happens I believe the Cubs will be out of the running on Prince. This could mean that against Boras' liking, the tag on Prince might have to come down. Hopefully, the 5 year deal the Jays would be more comfortable offering would be more appealing at that point.

As I said, this is my first fan post, last night was a tad deflating and this feels like the best/only suitable outlet. I'd like to know what others think, what are the next steps? Are their any?

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