BBB's Summary of Off-Season Targets

Hey guys,

I thought it would be a good idea to put all of the Jay's potential off-season targets in the same place, listed with their pros and cons according to BBB's users. So in the comments you can list targets for me to add to the post and/or list pros and cons of the listed players that I can add under the player's name. I'll start with some obvious ones that have been talked about and hopefully we end up with a good list.

Matt Garza

Pros: - Good pitcher with some solid success in AL East. (ppppffft)

-Using more of his pitches. Less reliance on fastball. (Jono411)

-Missed more bats in 2011 and throwing more first pitch strikes. (Jono411)

Cons: -Cubs will demand a lot. (SuckaMD)

-Expensive with only two years of control. (SuckaMD)

-Last pitched in the NL Central. (SuckaMD)

-Might not be that much better than options within the organization. (REMO)

Prince Fielder

Pros: -Takes care of first base issues. (yleviticus)

-Would help Bautista see better ptiches. (yleviticus)

-Allows us to trade Adam Lind. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Cons: -Wants 8+ years, won't likely be worth it then. (yleviticus)

-Not good defensively and might end up at DH. (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Have to give up first round draft pick. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Roy Oswalt

Pros: -Willing to sign for one year.

-Coming off worst year. (2.5 WAR). (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Might get a draft pick out of it. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Cons: -Old (35 in August).

-Injury questions. (Back issues). (boltspeedman)

Hiroki Kuroda

Pros:- Only looking for 1 year contract around $15M. (chewbalka)

- Would slot in nicely after Romero and Morrow as 3rd starter. (chewbalka)

- 1.24 GB/FB rate 3rd best among available FA starters. (chewbalka)
- Plus fastball and solid repertoire improves odds he’d be effective in AL East. (chewbalka)
- Would sting the Yankees because they’re rumoured to be after Kuroda. (chewbalka)

Cons: - Rumoured to prefer west coast and might just go back to Japan. (chewbalka)

-Back to back 200 inning campaigns but has previous injury concerns. (chewbalka)

- Highest HR/9 in career last year, just below league avg. (chewbalka)
- Old, 37 in February. (chewbalka)

Wei-Yen Chen

Pros: -Cheap to acquire (FA from NPB) (ppppfffft)

-Young. (26 years old) (ppppfffft)

-Lefty. (ppppfffft)

Cons: -Unproven. (ppppfffft)

-Relies on fastball.(ppppfffft)

Jorge Soler

Pros: -Comparable to top 5 overall pick. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Cons: -Pricey (15mil-30mil range). (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Doesn't fill any obvious holes. (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Not MLB ready. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Yoennis Cespedes

Pros: -Is close to MLB and can jump over stuff. (JaysSaskatchewan)

-26 years old, controllable, potential superstar. (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Would mean the Yankees can't get him. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Cons: -Expensive (30mil-70mil range) (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Unproven, could be a bust. (JaysSaskatchewan)

-Would push Thames and/or Snider to minors. (JaysSaskatchewan)

Edwin Jackson

Pros: -Young. (28 to start season). (Jono411)

-Consistent 3.5 to 4 WAR in past three years. (Jono411)

-Would fit as a good #3 starter. (Jono411)

Cons: -May require large contract (years and/or $ amount). (Jono411)

-Could find a similar #3 starter within the organization. (Jono411)

Kendry Morales

Pros: -Good defender and athlete at 1B, young-ish. (spud77)

-Control. (spud77)

-Shouldn't require too much in return. (spud77)

Cons: -Coming off freak injury. (spud77)

-Doesn't have elite power yet. (spud77)

Greg Holland

Pros: -Good reliever with a lot of potential. (spud77)

-Cheap, with control. (spud77)

-Young. (spud77)

Cons: -Only one season. Unproven. (spud77)

-KC might require a lot in return. (MjwW)

Jon Niese

Pros: -Hasn't reached arbitration yet. (Bluebirdz)

-Great peripheral stats. (Bluebirdz)

Cons: -A lot of interested teams. (Bluebirdz)

-Will require a lot to get. (Bluebirdz)

Gavin Floyd

Pros: -Good peripheral stats. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Expensive with not much control. (7mil then 9.5mil option). (Woodman663)

-Relies too much on breaking stuff. (Woodman663)

-Struggles with men on base. (Woodman663)

Philip Humber

Pros: -4 years of control. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Only a short track record of pro success. (Woodman663)

-Might take a lot to get him from White Sox. (Woodman663)

Scott Baker

Pros: -Had a good 2011. (Woodman663)

-Might not require much in return. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Two years of control, with injury concerns. (Woodman663)

-Flyball pitcher. (Woodman663)

Dallas Braden

Pros: -Is a good pitcher. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Only two years of control, coming off injury. (Woodman663)

-Better suited to Oakland's park than Toronto's. Woodman663)

Chad Billingsley

Pros: -Could return to past form. (Woodman663)

-Four years of control. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Expensive. (Woodman663)

-Bad 2011 season. (2.1 WAR) (Woodman663)

Tim Stauffer

Pros: -Ground ball pitcher. (Woodman663)

-Cheap. (Woodman663)

Cons: -Pitcher's park. 5.04 away FIP in 2011. (Woodman663)

-Short track record of success. (Woodman663)

Carlos Quentin

Pros: -Has some power. (REMO)

-Might catch lightning in a bottle. (REMO)

Cons: -Blocks Snider/Thames (REMO)

-Expensive, soon to be free agent. (REMO)

-Would cost prospects to get. (REMO)

Vladimir Guerrero

Pros: -Could complement EE/Lind in part time DH role. (REMO)

-Might be cheap. (REMO)

-Can still slightly hit...meh (REMO)

Cons: -Old, slow, can't play defense anymore. (REMO)

-Might want more than part time role. (REMO)

-Could completely fall off the cliff. (REMO)

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