Introducing your 2012 Toronto Blue Jays!

With Kelly Johnson accepting arbitration that pretty well solidifies all our starting positions going into next year. Barring any shocking trades or signings, our lineup is pretty straight forward heading into next season, so lets take a look at it shall we!


SS - Yunel Escobar - R

2B - Kelly Johnson - L
RF - Jose Bautista - R
1B - Adam Lind - L
DH - Edwin Encarnacion - R
3B - Brett Lawrie - R
CB - Colby Rasmus - L
LF - Travis Snider / Eric Thames - L
C - J.P. Arencibia - R


OF - Rajai Davis - R

C - Jeff Mathis - R
2B/SS/3B - Luis Valbuena - L

RF/3B/1B - Mark Teahen - L

LF/RF - Travis Snider / Eric Thames - L

OF/SS/2B - Mike McCoy - R

May not really look like much change from last season. But the addition of Brett Lawrie, Colby Rasmus, and Kelly Johnson for a full year should be a big improvement at all 3 positions.

The biggest question marks going into this season:

- Is Travis Snider or Eric Thames the starting LF? The other may be sent back down to the minors for some more seasoning, but it seems these 2 will duke it out during spring training for the starting job.

- After recovering from injuries, and learning how to better prepare for a full season at 1B, can Adam Lind return to his 2009 silver slugger form, we did see some brief flashes of it during the 2011 season.

- Can Edwin Encarnacion put together a full season showing the skillset that he brought to the table in the latter part of the 2011 season & parts of 2010. Or will he always be too streaky a player to keep in your everyday lineup & in a very valuable DH spot in the American League.

- Can Colby Rasmus return to the 2010 form that had all the critics raving about this youngster, only to see a terrible 2011 season. Heres hoping a new team & the fresh start will help see him show some of the life that made him such a highly touted youngster in the majors.

- Clearly the bench listed above is too big, so at least 1-2 players you see there will not be on the 2012 starting roster. The most likely cuts would be Mike McCoy, possibly whoever doesn't start in LF between Travis Snider & Eric Thames, and possibly Mark Teahen.

There are still questions about the starting rotation, the bullpen, and the many prospects in the jays system that will be pushing for a job in 2012, but this is most likely the scenario as your starting lineup in 2012 (pitchers not included, obviously)

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