Minor League Recap: We like home runs.

You guessed it, there were some home runs in our minor league system, on a day where 5 games were played, 2 of them by the Lansing Lugnuts. But as always we'll start off with:

The Las Vegas 51s:

Darin Mastroianni: 1-for-4, strikeout, triple. .277/.306/.340 (2 BB/11 K, not the ratio we got used to from him in New Hampshire)

Brett Lawrie: 1-for-4, strikeout, double. .426/.481/.660

Eric Thames: 2-for-3, intentional walk, home run. .419/.500/.744

David Cooper: 1-for-4, home run. .364/.429/.591

Ryan Budde: 1-for-3, triple, strikeout. .125/.333/.313 (catchers hitting triples?)

Manny Mayorson: 2-for-3, double. .364/.417/.455

Scott Richmond: 5 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 6 K.

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats:

Adeiny Hechavarria: 2-for-4. .231/.250/.282

Jonathan Diaz: 1-for-2, 2 walks, strikeout. .333/.500/.417

Anthony Gose: 1-for-4, double, 2 strikeouts. .200/.238/.225

Michael McDade: 0-for-4. .325/.357/.400

Moises Sierra: 0-for-4, strikeout. .238/.304/.238

Travis d'Arnaud: 2-for-4. .133/.212/.167

John Tolisano: 0-for-3, 2 strikeouts. .200/.355/.280

Joel Carreno was a bit better than last time (when he was awful), going 5 innings giving up 4 earned on 3 home runs (6 hits), 1 walk, a hit by pitch and 2 strikeouts. He got 55.6% groundballs, but when the ball was hit in the air it was often hit far.

The Dunedin Blue Jays:

Jon Talley: 3-for-4, double, home run. .250/.280/.417

A.J. Jimenez: 3-for-4, home run. .364/.400/.606 (who's d'Arnaud again?)

Justin Jackson: 2-for-4. .391/.464/.435

Ivan Contreras: 2-for-4, triple. .194/.306/.323

Kenny Wilson: 1-for-3, walk, strikeout. .333/.394/.533

Brandon Morrow: 4 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 5 K, 40% GB. Not that good a start, but I think we'll see him in the majors soon anyway if he's uninjured.

Frank Francisco: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 K.

The Lansing Lugnuts (2 games):

Carlos Perez: 1-for-3, walk, strikeout, double. .400/.483/.560

Jacob Marisnick: 4-for-8, 2 strikeouts, 2 doubles, home run. .313/.371/.500

Marcus Knecht: 4-for-6, walk, 2 doubles. Wow. .310/.394/.448

Gustavo Pierre: 3-for-8, strikeout, double. .250/.294/.313

Michael Crouse: 3-for-5, walk, 2 doubles, triple. More wow. .320/.452/.680

Jack Murphy: 1-for-2, walk. .200/.429/.200 (just 7 plate appearances)

Drew Hutchison did not enjoy a good start thanks in large parts to his fielders, who made two errors behind him in the 3 innings he pitched. He gave up 7 hits, 5 runs, 3 earned runs and 2 walks in those 3 innings while striking out 4. Just 38.5% of the balls hit against him were groundballs, so he definitely did not have a good outing, but he only gave up one line drive and still almost everything went for a hit (or error). We can excuse him this forgettable start I think.

Egan Smith had a fine second start after a disastrous beginning to his season. He went 4.2 innnings, striking out 5 while walking one, no earned runs (3 unearned) on 5 hits, 42.9 GB%.

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