Bluebird Links - Always Sweeter After a Walkoff Win

Anytime you can beat up Mariano Rivera on route to a victory, it's a good game in my books.  Last night was fun.  Well at least from the bottom of the 9th onward - apparently I got home from work at the perfect time!  It'd be nice to take it to the Yanks again tonight.  Into the Links!

Jays Links

51s' healthy Thames putting hurt on PCL
Sounds like they like this Thames guy in Vegas.

All It Took Was To Snap A Bat
Wilner with his game summary and a few injury notes. Morrow is scheduled to pitch Saturday and it sounds like Rajai Davis should be back by next Tuesday.

Blue Jays rotation is still a work in progress
Jeff Blair at the Globe with an explanation of why Litsch was sent down yesterday. We'll see how it all plays out.

Touring the Hall of Fame with Pat Gillick
Gillick underwent a Hall of Fame orientation on Tuesday and Griffin was with him.

Career Profile: Tony Fernandez
John Sickels at Minor League Ball profiles Tony Fernandez

Blue Jays great Carlos Delgado looks to the future -
Carlos Delgado was interviewed by The Star after announcing his retirement.

Around the League

This is Why The Royals Can’t Have Nice Things
Sounds like the Royals should be treating Tim Collins a little nicer.

Posts A 16-Game Baseball Season
Joe Posnanski wonders what 16 games tells us. Nice little bit on Olerud in here too.

The Other Side of the Lineup Card
Mick Doherty at Batter's Box attempts to build a team out of current managers. They're a little light on starting pitching, but maybe they could trade a few catchers...

The 2011 Brad Emaus All-Stars
FanGraphs looks at other players that have been buried before they've had much of a chance to do anything. The list includes three ex-Jays...kind of.

Cincinnati Reds' Mike Leake wants to enter diversion program
Mike Leake was arrested for shoplifiting on Monday - for stealing 6 shirts valued at $59.88. The guy is making $425,000 this year. You would think that he'd try to steal nicer shirts!

Rich in pitching, Phillies test new arm
A robot will be throwing out the first pitch for the Phillies tonight. On another note...I hear today is the day that the Skynet computers begin taking over the world (according to Terminator lore...)

Cleveland vs. Kansas City - Recap - April 19, 2011
Sounds like it was a fun game. We have Bruce Chen and Alex Gordon playing lights out; the phones to the bullpen went down and the Royals were saved by the local police, and a bat boy interrupted a few signal's and caused Kila Ka'aihue to bunt.

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