Bluebird Linds - The No Snider Edition

I was going to Link all of the Snider demotion links, but now, I'm not. Pretty much everyone I link here even somewhat often has an opinion, so head on over to the regulars if you want to read those articles.  I can summarize it for everyone though. A few people are okay with the move.  Most are not, but some of those are coming around to the idea.  And some people think the move is foreshadowing a trade of either Juan Rivera, David Cooper, or Travis Snider himself.  And hey look, other stuff is happening!

Jays Links

Blue Jays sticking with Reyes for Tuesday start
According to the Jays, we'll be seeing Reyes for at least one more start. Lots of other notes in here too.

Dented Lunchbox

Bautista was absolutely inconsolable after he heard about Snider's demotion. He threw himself to the ground. "¡No me gusta! ¿Por que?!?!?!" he wailed.

Funny stuff. Hum and Chuck wonders what Bautista was thinking in the 9th, and a few other notes.

Marriages made in heaven
In the spirit of the upcoming Royal Wedding, a number of players have benefited from a new mindset, among other reasons, and are producing big numbers in the season's first month.  Jose Bautista and Dwayne Murphy make this list.

Wise gladly relives 'Catch'
DeWayne Wise relives his great 9th inning catch to preserve Mark Buerhle's perfect game in 2009.

The Forgotten Jays C/1B Prospect: Jack Murphy
Mat at Jays Journal profiles yet another catching prospect in the Jays organization.

Does Roberto Alomar belong in the Hall of Fame?
Steven Booth wonders if Alomar belongs with the "immortal class of souls that are in the HOF".

No one can question that Robbie had a great career, and you can even say he was the best second baseman of his generation

I would say if he was the best second baseman of his generation, that he is a no-brainer for the Hall but apparently it's not that easy...

Around the League

The numbers behind a catch and a just-miss
Remember that sweet game ending catch by Lillibridge a couple of days ago? Well, ESPN and Baseball Info Solutions bring you the numbers behind that play: 

Cano's line drive stayed in the air for just under 2.5 seconds. Within the last year, there were 61 line drives hit to that area, with hang times that rounded to 2.5 seconds. Lillibridge was one of only three players who were able to turn that batted ball into an out.

Fantastic article, especially from ESPN.

Major-league radar gun readings susceptible to hijinks
This is awesome:

"We used to dial it down," said a smiling Diamondbacks General Manager Kevin Towers, formerly the Padres' GM. "I know for a fact that every time Brad Penny pitched for the Dodgers in San Diego it was probably the lowest velocities he ever had. He liked velocity. He'd stare at the board. He was throwing 95-96 (mph), but we'd have it at 91 and he'd get pissed off and throw harder and harder and start elevating."

Mattingly and Dotel: Unbelievably bad luck
Paul Sullivan at The Hardball Times tries to figure out if Don Mattingly or Octavio Dotel has had worse October luck - neither has played in a World Series. Mattingly played for the Yanks in the one generation that didn't see a World Series (missing out on the early 80's, and the 90's titles). Dotel seemingly joins or leaves a team just after or before a pennant run, but has never had the right timing.

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota - Recap - April 28, 2011
Nice day for Zobrist yesterday who collected 10 RBI's in a double-header.

Astros Designate Joe Inglett For Assignment
The Jays already brought back Chris Woodward - lets have a go with another ex-Jay too! We don't have enough fringe 5th outfields in the organization yet.

Bartolo Colon Returns To Prominence
Hey look, the Yankees pick someone up off the scrap heap and it's working for them. How come this never works for the Jays? It can't last though...right?

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