Jays Prospects ETA

I'm not really qualified to make this FanPost.  And I'm not basing these predictions on a whole lot of research or statistical analyses.  This is just my feeling based on the bunch of Jays related material I read on a daily basis and the MiLB boxscores I sift through regularly.  I guess that's what's nice about BBB.  You don't need to be an expert to provide your opinion to a wider audience of Jays fans.  Feel free to discuss when you think we might get to see some of the Jays prospects.  Oh and I didn't include some of the prospects in the lower levels, partly due to the fact that they're too far away, and partly due to the fact that I know little about some of them, at this point.  ETA's after the jump.

Player / Level

Predicted ETA


Brett Lawrie / AAA

September 2011 call up

Given his age and AA’s recent comments about lack of walks, I could see him spending the entire season in the minors now.  If somehow EE is moved by the deadline, that could change.  He’ll be with the Jays full time next season and EE won’t

Zach Stewart

September 2011 call up

This is mostly due to depth in the starting rotation.  I think a decision on Stewart’s 2012 role (rotation, bullpen, AAA depth, trade?) will depend on what happens with Cecil, Litsch, Reyes.

Adeiny Hechavarria

September call up 2012, full time 2013

His numbers indicate he’s still a ways away.  He’ll be out of options , I believe, in 2013.  Whether he’s a starter or bench guy will depend on performance.

Anthony Gose

September call up 2012, full time 2013

I think AA’s thinking is that he gets a full season in AA, then a full season in AAA.  There’s some reasoning behind signing Davis through 2012 and I think Gose is partially behind that reasoning

Deck McGuire

Sometime in 2013

I think he gets a full season in A+, then a full season in AA next year.  I’m thinking he becomes an injury call up in 2013.

Travis D’Arnaud


This one is tough one.  He or Jeroloman could be Arencibia’s back up next year.  Thing is, if he’s expected to be really good still, he might be better off getting the at bats in AAA next year.  But then, what do you do with him.  If you want to trade him, are building more value in he playing full time in AAA or part time in the majors.  Then again, if he’s going to turn a corner and be a good MLB catcher, splitting time with Arencibia might not be a bad thing for the club either.

Henderson Alvarez

2013 September call up

He’s been in the system for a while now, but from what I’ve read, I think he’ll need additional time to mature in the minors.  I don’t know if he’ll be a starter or reliever, given our depth.

Eric Thames

July 2011

I just have a feeling that AA will get a chance to move Rivera by the trade deadline (albeit not for much).  That’ll clear the way for Thames to get some at bats in the DH spot, assuming Cooper doesn’t start hitting with regularity.

Chad Jenkins

2012 September call up

I think he’ll jump from AA to the majors, and that he’ll keep improving.  I don’t think there’ll be a spot in the rotation for him though.

Moises Sierra

Won’t make the cut

I’m just guessing here.  Sierra’s got a load of potential and his body type is such that he could have a lot of power (think Bautista).  But, there’s a chance he never reaches that potential and that’s why I think that aside from the proverbial cup of coffee, my guess is that he won’t make it.

Darin Mastroianni

Won’t make the cut

He’d make a nice 4th outfielder, but take a look around the majors.  How many 4th outfielders aren’t major league veterans.  It seems like one of those positions where you plug in a guy that’s had some limited past success, but still isn’t good enough to start.  He reminds of Buck Coats maybe?

Brad Mills


He’ll be out of options, and will at least get an opportunity, I think, much like Purcey did.  Probably out of the pen.

Michael McDade

Won’t make the cut

He’s a good hitter, but sometimes you have to be a great hitter to make it to the majors, particularly at 1B.  I’m not sure he’s quite good enough, based on this numbers.  I hope I’m wrong.

Adam Loewen

Won’t make the cut

He now has over 1000 minor league plate appearances, and he’s still not overly impressive.  He might get a September call up for rewarding his perseverance, but I don’t think anything much beyond that

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