Cheer up my Fellow Jays Fans

The Jays are now 14-17 and tied for last in the AL East.  There seems to be a little bit of doom and gloom around the Jays blogosphere.  I know that I find myself feeling that way from time to time, particularly after a tough loss like on Tuesday's Jays-Rays game.  That being said, I've got a couple of tidbits to point out to try to put things into perspective. 

1. The Jays have played 20 of their 31 games, under very difficult conditions.  For those 20 games, they were 8-12.  For the remaining 11 home games, they were a respectable (but unspectacular) 6-5.

a) They played 10 games against the AL West and 6 of them on the West Coast.  They historically don't play that well out there (with the recent exception of Texas).

b) They played 4 in Fenway, during the time that the Sox were actually hot.

c) They played 3 in Yankee stadium, a tough place to play for any team.

d) They played 3 in Tropicana Field, where the Jays almost never fare well.

2.  They've had injuries.  Out of the 31 games played so far, EE played 22, JBau 25, Davis 13 and Hill 16.  Morrow has missed 3 starts.  They've also had bullpen injuries, but really we can't complain about the pen.  Those are some pretty significant contributors missing significant time.  Think about it.  As good as Bautista's been, he's only played 80% of the games.

3.  Rivera and Snider started off pretty badly.  Rivera has turned it around and hopefully Cooper can start contributing (until Snider returns) at a better rate than Snider did during the 1st month.

4.  Despite a little bit of a rough start, the Jays are well within striking distance and nobody is running away with anything in the AL East.  Heck, the Sox are 14-17 too and they had a much easier schedule than the Jays in April.

Why things should probably get better in May?

Out of the remaining May games, the Jays have 17 home games and 8 away games, and many against teams that are lesser opponents, in my opinion.

They should have their regular lineup back, with Hill returning, Bautista returning, and Davis now being back.  EE could heat up any time (and hit a few HR's), and I wouldn't be suprised to see Snider back at some point.  Oh, and Morrow is looking like an ace!  I could see the Jays going on a little bit of a roll soon and maybe finishing off the month's remaining 25 games, with a record of 15-10, which would bring them up to 29-27.  Who knows?  Maybe even better.

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