Extra Inning Walk Off Home Run For Adam Lind: Jays Beat Orioles

TORONTO, CANADA - JUNE 14: Adam Lind #26 of the Toronto Blue Jays is all smiles after hitting a walk of home run against the Baltimore Orioles June 14, 2011 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

Orioles 5 Blue Jays 6 (11 innings)

Let's get the rant out of the way off the top. John Farrell, you know I love you man, I'm on your side. I like that the Jays picked someone that hasn't managed before. I think there is too much recycling of managers in the majors. I think you'll do a good job in the long run. But please please, let's think about how we are using our bullpen pitchers.

I mean, tonight, we have a 2 run lead going into the top of the 8th. The Orioles have Vlad Guerrero leading off the inning and Matt Wieters behind him. Vlad, a big time right-handed power hitter, has always hit lefties better than right-handers. Wieters, well he is a switch hitter, but that doesn't mean he hits lefties and righties equally well. He hits lefties far better. This year he is hitting .263/.322/350 vs. RHP and .321/.371/.554 against LHP.

John you had 5 RH relievers in the bullpen at that moment. What did you do? You picked the lefty. Can you explain to me why? I like Scrabble. I don't think he ought to be a LOOGY at all. But don't you think, with these two leading off the inning, maybe you could have used one of the right-handers? Yeah, Derrek Lee a LHB is third up in the inning, but we gotta get past the first two guys. If you get to Lee and there is problems, then bring in Marc. 

Anyway, John brought in Rzepczynski. Scrabble has been having a tough time lately. He gave up a walk to Vlad and a home run to Wieters. Now we have the lefty batter and we pull Scrabble. Can we not get these little things right?

Jason Frasor relieved Carlos in the 7th, with no outs and 2 on and let both inherited runners score. The rest of the pen did a good job. Janssen struck out 3, after the game was tied, in the 8th. Jon Rauch gave us 2 scoreless innings. Shawn Camp pitched the 11, starting a nice DP and got the win.

Carlos Villanueva gave us another good start. 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 earned, 2 walks, 3 k. All 3 of his strikeouts came in the 5th inning. His line would have looked better if the Jays didn't use the shift against Luke Scott. Scott, batting a big .251, put down two bunt singles to the unmanned 3rd base side. Maybe we could rethink this strategy for tomorrow's game? 

On offense, we had 13 hits and 6 walks, we should have scored more. Yunel Escobar was 3 for 5 with a walk. Jose Bautista was 1 for 3, with 3 walks. Aaron Hill had 3 hits in 5 at bats, including his 2nd homer. And Adam Lind drove in Bautista from 1st with a double (great base running by Jose) in the 1st inning and had the walk off in the 11th. In between he had trouble, leaving 5 on base, but since he won us the game I guess we won't complain. 

We could have had the game won in the 8th. Escobar started the inning with a single. Patterson, tried to bunt but Yunel for some reason slowed, going into second, and got himself forced. A single to Bautista and a walk to Lind loaded the bases. But J.P. Arencibia ground into a force at home and Edwin Encarnacion flied out. EE had a bad night, 0 for 5, but then he has been hot the last couple of weeks, so an off night is allowed, I guess.

Jays of the Day are Lind (.554 WPA), Camp (.143), Escobar (.135), Hill (.124), Janssen (.110) and Villanueva (.106). Suckage numbers go to Rzepczynski (-.359, but I'm putting that on Farrell), JP (-.235 and a huge base running error, getting thrown out at third, trying to move up on a ball in the dirt), EE (-.228) and Davis (-.116).

Tomorrow night Jake Arrieta (8-3, 4.48) starts for the O's. We have Ricky Romero (5-6, 3.18) going for us. 

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