An Off Day Optimism Post!!

Another off day, another optimism from your resident, self appointed BBB psychologist.  Just when it looked as though the Jays were going to go on some kind of run, they lose two in a row to an Indians team that was on somewhat of a skid.  And they're back at .500.  Some of the bats seem to have awoken, but the starting pitching has become a little worrisome.

That being said, some may remember an optimism post I put up in early May entitled "Cheer up my Fellow Jays Fans"  In that post, I went on to describe how tough the April schedule was and how the May schedule looked better.  I suggested that with 25 games remaining on the month's schedule, the Jays could go 15-10, bringing their record to 29-27 (they were 14-17 at the time).

According to my math, they went 14-10 (Tigers game rained out), bringing them to 28-27.

After the jump, I'll discuss how I think June looks.

Well, June has not started off very well.  The Jays have lost their first game.

June could be tough, as they play out the remaining of the month with 10 games at home and 17 games on the road.

The other thing about June is the dreaded interleague play.  They also play 9 of the 12 interleague games on the road, thus losing the DH advantage.  And finally, they play 3 pretty good teams in the Reds, Braves and Cardinals.

Wait.  Oh right, this is supposed to be an "optimism" post...

Here's why I think they'll do fine in June anyways. 

They're playing 12 games against perennial basement-dwelling opponents (Bal, KC, Pit).  They certainly can't take them lightly, as they do have some good young players, but they are still lesser opponents, in my opinion.

The all time interleague record for the AL is 1829 - 1673.  That's a .522 Win Pct. which is significant.  We all know that the Jays interleague record has historically been, for some strange reason, not very good.  To suggest that they are cursed or that they don't match up well against NL opponents (despite the Jays changing rosters every year) is a stretch, I think.  Therefore, there's no reason to think they can't do well, like the other AL teams have.

And of course, we're getting our 2nd best hitter back in Lind.  It'll sure look nice to have him the 4 hole, in lieu of Rivera.  And of course we're all excited about Lawrie.  Even if Lawrie doesn't tear things up, it's hard to imagine that he wouldn't do better in terms of the production we've received from our 3B thus far.  I also expect our solid bullpen to rebound from a so-so May with all the proven arms down there and the starting pitching to unspectacularly hold its own.

Oh, and it never hurts your chances to have the best player in the world on your team. 

Jays June record:  15-11

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