2011 MLB Draft: Blue Jays Picks Rounds 6-30

I'm just going to list the ones picked in these rounds in one post as they happen.


6th round pick is Anthony DeSclafani a 6'2" 195 RHP out of Florida. Can hit the low 90's with the fastball.

7th round pick is Christian Lopes a SS out of  high school in California.

8th round pick is Mark Biggs, RHP out of high school in Kentucky. 6' 3". 

9th round pick is Andrew Suarez, LHP out of high school Florida, 6'2" 185.

10th round pick is Aaron Garza, RHP, out of Galveston Texas. 6'4" and 160.

11th round pick is Andrew Burns, SS, college pick out of Arizona. 6'2" and 190.

12th round pick is John Norwood, CF from New Jersey. 6'1".

13th round pick is Matt Dean, 3B, from high school in Texas. 6'3", 190. From MLB Draft Guide:

Matt Dean is one of the top prep players from Texas this year. He is a top athlete who plays football, as well as baseball.

Dean has a short, smooth stroke with good power potential. He has plus bat speed. Dean also looks good in the field and has a strong arm.

14th round pick is Nicholas Wiper, RHP, out of high school in Washington. 6'4" 185.

15th round pick Cody Glenn, LHP, out of high school. 6'4", 185.

16th round pick Richard Prigatano, 1B, 6'3", out of high school in California.

17th round pick Brady Dragmire, RHP, 6', high schooler out of California.

18th round pick Jonathon Berti, 2B, 5'10" ,175, out of Bowling Green.

19th round pick Luke Weaver, RHP, 6'1", 154, out of high school, from Florida.

20th round pick Joel Seddon, RHP, 6'1", 165, high school, from Michigan. 

21st round pick Peter Mooney, SS, 5'6", 155, from South Carolina. 

22th round pick Aaron Nola, RHP, 6'2", 170, high school, from Louisiana.

23rd round pick K'Shawn Smith, SS, 5'10", Indian River State College, FL. 

24th round pick David Rollins, LHP, 6'1", San Jacinto College North, TX,

25th round pick Eric Arce, 1B, 5'9", 204, from Florida.

26th round pick Justin Atkinson, SS, 6'1", 205, SS, Canadian, from Surrey BC. 

27th round pick Derrick Loveless, LF, 6'1", Solon Sr HS, Iowa. 

28th round pick Jorge Vega-Rosado, SS, 5'9", 180, Miami Dade CC, FL.

29th round pick Taylor Cole, RHP, 6'1", out of Brigham Young. 

30th round pick Kevin Patterson, 1B, 6'4", Auburn. 

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