FAN590 Hosts

This came up in the post game thread for Morrow's win over the Evil Empire Friday, and I decided to create a new FanShot to have a place for a discussion about the quality of the hosts on the Fan. My views after the jump

I like or liked:

Jack Armstrong - I liked his coach's perspective and was never too full of himself.  Also, he knew when to admit that he didn't know much about the topic at hand, which was frequent when the topic wasn't Basketball, baseball or football.

Mike Hogan - sure, he could be a bit full of himself, but he was just about the only guy on the fan that would give time to university and amateur sport.  Also, like me, he's a big CFL fan.

Bob McCown - It isn't that I like him so much, buut (1) I do find him funny, (2) I like to listen about the business of sport, and (3) he gets good guests and (4) there is regularly decently intelligent discussion, Cox notwithstanding.  Adriano Belli is fantastic as a semi-regular guest.  I like Brunt as a co-host. 

Jim Kelley - I don't follow hockey much at all, but when Jim Kelley was talking, I'd listen.  I cried the day he died.  Even outside hockey, he did his research.  Just an outstanding sports writer, journalist and broadcaster.

Do not like:

Brady - He was one of the reason I never put 640 as a preset in my car radio.

Krystal - Given his tenure, it doesn't seem like I was alone.  He was offensive.

McLean - XXXXL ego.

Stellick - How does he stay around.  He has a speaking style that is ideal for mime.

Jeff Blair - I enjoy him as a guest and I enjoy reading him, but he has a voice made for newspapers - which also gives him the opportunity to edit out the repititions.

Eric Smith - Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like a 16-year old?  Not only that, he doesn't do his research or know his stuff, outside of basketball.  The other day he was spewing out baseball "facts" that were simply incorrect.

Yes and No:

Wilner - Yes, he knows his baseball stuff, and frankly, I think he calls a better game than Allan Ashby.  He can be obnoxious about grammar and stuff like that; after all this time he should have learned that the IQ of your typical sports show caller is less than the over/under of a CFL game.  I HATE the torturous words he makes up.  But when he gets talking to someone who knows baseball, it's usually great radio.

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