Jose Bautista takes a fastball to the head and Jays lose to Orioles

Oh to be a ball player. IF you click on the photo you can see pictures of the actual game, including Bautista laying on the ground after being hit. This one is better to look at.(Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)

Orioles 12 Blue Jays 4

Ok, let's start with the important part. 3rd inning, with Yunel Escobar on second, Jake Arrieta comes high and inside on Jose Bautista and hits him square on the ear flap. I'm sure it wasn't on purpose, but I'm also sure that they figured with first base open there was no downside to going inside on Jose. Jose came out of the game. They aren't going to make the mistake they made with Yunel again, or Johnny will have to tear them a new one, again.

The good news is that he has no concussion symptoms and will likely play tomorrow.

What really gets me is that with 6 innings left to play, no Blue Jays pitcher made an Oriole move his feet at the plate. I mean, I don't think they should be head hunting, but if your best player gets hit in the head, you have to dust someone. Make someone move their feet. Or throw behind someone. Or something. But it didn't even seem like a Jay pitcher even threw a pitch on the inside half of that plate. Even though the O's hit 4 home runs off us. You'd think, even if they don't want to stand up for Jose, they would want to stop the Oriole batters from digging in against them. I'd think so anyway. Where is Jesse Carlson when we need him?

The game itself was no fun. Brandon Morrow had a terrible birthday start. Everything he threw was belt high and hit hard. In 3.1 innings, he gave up 9 hits, 3 home runs, walked 1, 6 earned, with 5 strikeouts. Just a terrible start. I guess after the team wins his last 7 starts, he is allowed a bad one, but let's not do it again. 

Shawn Camp came in and gave up 3 more runs in 1.1 innings. Casey Janssen got 4 outs without giving up a run. Wil Ledezma saw his first action for the Jays, he pitched 2 innings, giving up a 2 run home to Derrick Lee. Other than that he looked good. And Frankie had a 1, 2, 3 9th inning when it didn't matter.

On offense, we got 9 hits. Adam Lind hit a 3 run shot right after Jose was hit. Aaron Hill had 2 hits, including a solo homer. Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit expect Bautista, who didn't get much of a chance and Eric Thames, though he did take a walk. John McDonald was 0 for 3 filling him for Jose. 

Lind (.165) gets Jay of the Day for the 3 run homer. Morrow (-.481) and Camp (-.102) get the suckage awards.

Travis Snider missed a couple of plays in CF, he took a bad route to a fly ball and just missed it, diving at the last moment, and he played one off the outfield wall poorly. He did make a great jump at the wall on Lee's homer to CF, his glove cleared the wall by plenty. 

Corey Patterson also messed up a fly ball, diving, but coming up short for the ball and letting it get past him. I don't know about anyone else but I don't really see the point in keeping him around. I'd rather give Adam Loewen a shot.

Also Lind and Morrow combined on an error (it was given to Brandon but  they should share it), a ground ball to Lind, he fumbled with it and then threw behind Brandon, who missed first base with his foot. Bad play all around.

Tomorrow it is Alfredo Simon (2-3, 4.08) taking on our Jays and Ricky Romero (7-8, 3.09). Knock someone down Ricky. 

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