Hypothetical situation: What would you do?

Okay, hypothetical situation.  Your team is behind, 3-0.  It's the sixth inning.  You've been no-hit, but the guy who pitched the first four innings left with a back injury. He has been replaced by a mediocre middle reliever.  There are two outs and nobody on base.

You have this outfielder come to bat.  He has already made some bonehead plays, including a recent one in which he called off a third baseman on an infield popup then let it drop for a double, leading to a close loss.

Now this is all hypothetical of course.  This left-fielder cannot get a good pitch to bunt, but he somehow draws a walk batting in the second spot in the batting order.  The hypothetical team hero, batting #3, promptly follows with a sharp single to break up the no-hitter and move this left-fielder to scoring position.

You're feeling pretty good about this, because although there are two outs, your clean-up hitter, a guy who is hitting well over .300 and has 30-plus-home-run-per-year power is at the plate.  Also (hypothetically, of course), you are playing in this band box of a stadium, where the foul-pole dimensions are more appropriate for high school ball than the major leagues.  Any high fly has a halfway decent chance to tie the game.

Okay.  Here we go.  The best - heck, the only - rally we have had all game. 

Two on, two outs.  Oh no!  Our hypothetical left-fielder takes off running to third before the pitcher even commits to the plate!  The pitcher simply lobs the ball to the third baseman, who tags your hypothetical left-fielder out before he even gets far enough down the line to start a slide.  Inning over.  Still 3-0.  Your team goes on to lose, 3-2, as your hypothetical game-tying run scores but is negated by a hypothetical bad umpiring call to end the hypothetical game (hypothetically, of course).

Now the question:

What do you do with this hypothetical left-fielder?

(1) Beat him with the very bat he uses to attempt bunts with two out and nobody on, even though you know you'll go to jail and maybe lose your job;
(2) Designate him for assignment and get his sorry butt off your team;
(3) Bench him in favor of hypothetical Eric Thames or even hypothetical Mike McCoy if you have to;
(4) Say a hypothetical "ah well" and pencil him into game three of the series in left field batting second.

I'll bet I know what a hypothetical John Farrell would do.

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