Snider and Power Pitchers Updated

Just Updating the numbers on Snider against power pitchers. The problem isn't going away.

Against Power pitchers (Avg/OBP/Slg/OPS)

.077 .172 .115 .288

Against AVG Power/Finesse

.159 .205 .232


Against Finesse

.315 .343 .500 .843

Jays Team Against Power Pitchers

.203 .285 .358 .643

This is posted from an earlier article on the same issue:

An article by Matthais Koster looked at Travis' batting average for different pitch locations assuming that balls up in the zone are generally fastballs. Travis hits a paltry .071 on high inside fastballs, .130 on pitches up and over the heart of the plate, and .182 on pitches up and outside.

Another way of looking at this problem is looking at his stats against power pitchers which is defined by baseball reference as pitchers in the top 1/3 of strikeout+walks per inning.

Travis has hit a combined .130 in his three years against this category of pitchers and never seasonally over .143 in his career 162 Abs against this category of pitchers.|vs.%20Power|snidetr01|bat|AB|

Career Travis hit .130 (OPS .403) against Power pitchers, hit .259 (OPS of .703) against avg power/finesse (middle 1/3 of strikeouts+walks), and hit .328 (OPS of 1.010) against Finesse pitchers (bottom 1/3 of strikouts+walks) .

Last year he stayed close to that hitting .130 (OPS .443) against Power pitchers and .250 (OPS .698 against avg pitchers) and .339 (OPS 1.031) against Finesse pitchers.

Of course most hitters probably generally do poorer against power pitchers. But, Travis Snider has been not only week against Power pitchers but comparably week.

Last year he hit .130 (OPS .443), career .130 (.403). The Blue Jays as a Team did substantially better though still struggled as I am sure most teams do with power pitchers.

Snider against Power (.130, .443 OPS), AVG P/F (.250, .698 OPS, Finesse (.339, 1.031)
Jays’10against Power(.220, .713OPS), AVG P/F (.242, .738 OPS, Finesse (.267, .812)
Jays’09against Power (.237, .697OPS), AVG P/F(.262, .762 OPS, Finesse (.285, .823)

Sniders substantial OPS difference is .580 points b/w Power and Finesse versus a team OPS range of .100 in 2010 and approx. .125 in 2009. His BA range is .209 versus a team range of .047 or .038. His consistent and drastic improvement from power to avg p/f and then again to finesse pitchers suggest a substantial weakness.

Sniders OPS of .443 versus power pitchers compared to the Jays of .713 or .697 is rather concerning. I am not saying that it is impossible for Travis to figure it out against Power pitchers. 
Bautista OPS prior to the Jays against Power pitchers was .545 with a .169 BA and since his OPS .812 in 2009 and .854 last year, and his BA was .222 and .237. All I am saying is he does have a legitimate problem catching up to power pitchers compared to the rest of the Jays and may need to make a comparable adjustment of starting his swing earlier, or working at shortening his swing.

He also seems to crush low strikeout pitchers OPSing 1.031 against them suggesting to me that adjusting his place in the lineup depending on the pitcher might be a way of taking advantage of his strengths while still playing him against power pitchers in hopefully working through what seems to be a problem against power pitchers. It is also disconcerting that the problem carries itself into league average pitchers as well where his OPS is around .700. I also think the sample size is small enough to know that there is a possibility that he can adjust but large enough to recognize a real problem.

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