SB Nation Moderators, Bluebird Banter Managers, Authors, dear friends, dear posters:

For a long time, the Blogosphere has dreamed of opening its doors and inviting the world's posters to BBB for the First Ever Posting Olympic Games. Tonight that dream comes true. Congratulations, Bluebird Banterers.

These Games belong to you. Let them be the Poster's Games.

Remember that you are role models for the youths of the world. Reject doping and cheating. Make us proud of your achievements and your conduct.

As we bring this Olympic dream to life, our warm thanks go to JohnnyG for his tireless work. Our special thanks also go to the Moderators of SB Nation who are at a convention in Vegas as we speak.


How the games are played.


To be played in the comment section of this FanPost.

Title your comment with your Posting Handle then post:


1. Your total number of posts

2. Your total number of FanPosts

3. Your total number of FanShots

The 3 posters with the highest numbers for the 3 categories will move on to the next round of the BBB Posting Games in a follow up FanPost once the numbers are tallied.


Will take place in a later FanPost with the title BBB POSTING OLYMPICS ROUND 2

The highest scoring 9 from Round 1 will face off in a comment competition. These 9 All-Star posters must post their very best all time post (it can be from and existing Thread, Post, Shot or made up from scratch) all members of BBB will then vote by rec'ing the post that they like best to choose the 3 winners of ROUND 2. The 3 comments with the highest number of rec's will move on to the the 3rd and final round.

-Please when you see the ROUND 2 Thread remember this is only for the 9 chosen from round 1. You will be encouraged to rec but please don't add a comment unless you made it through Round 1.


The 3 finalists will have to write an individual FanPosts with BBB POSTING OLYMPICS ROUND 3 in the title. Gif's, links, and polls are encouraged.

From the 3 finalists BBB posters will choose the winner.  The FanPost that collects the highest number of combined comments and rec's will define the winner. The author of the most commented and rec'd FanPost wins The BBB POSTING OLYMPICS, 1 free ticket to a Jays game, the title of 'World's Greatest BBB Poster' and our undying admiration.

Blue Jays Game will be of my choosing. Winner will have to sit next to me at said game but these seats are great, 1st row next to visiting dugout behind camera bay.


BBB, you are a host to the present and a gateway to the future. I now pronounce these games open!


In the comments please post your handle as the title and your numbers below it:

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