Walk Off Hit for Jose Molina: Jays Beat Yankees

As punishment for ending the game before they got double time for overtime, the Jays beat up Jose Molina. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)

Yankees 4 Blue Jays 5

I love walk off wins. We have had a few of them lately.

Huge hit for Jose Molina. Great that he beat his old team. But, I really really hate that bunt with no outs and runners on first and second. How many times does that have to fail before managers stop doing it. It is such an easy force. The runner on second has to wait to be sure the bunt gets down. If the bunt isn't perfect, he doesn't have a chance. Add in that, in this case, you have a guy bunting that has 1 sac bunt the past two seasons and you have a recipe for failure. 

Anyway, nice start from Dustin McGowan. He did give up 3 runs in the 4th but the Jays had two chances to get a double play before the runs scored. If Brett Lawrie or Adam Lind had made the play they should have, his start would have looked much better. As it was he went 5 innings, gave up 3 hits, 3 earned, 2 walks and 4 strikeouts. He looked much better than his last start and had a shot at the win. 

Jesse Litsch gave up a run in his 2 innings of work, earning his first blown save (the team's 21st, for those keeping count. We are 7 and 14 in those games). Casey Janssen pitched a perfect 8th and 9th to get the win. 

On offense, we had 13 hits on the day. Pretty good when you are facing CC Sabathia. Mike McCoy, Adam Lind and Kelly Johnson had 3 hits each. Every other starter had 1 hit except Eric Thames (0 for 5 with 3 strikeouts), Colby Rasmus (0 for 5, including the ill advised bunt attempt, 3 strikeouts) and Edwin Encarnacion (0 for 4, walk, failing with the bases loaded 3 times, but did get 1 RBI). Mike McCoy had a bunt single, in the 3rd, but also struck out trying to bunt, with runners on first and second, in the 8th. 

Jays of the Day are Lind (.510 WPA), Molina (.288), Janssen (.254), Bautista (.180) and Johnson (.142). Suckage numbers are Edwin (-.307, well earned), Rasmus (-.230, part of that should got to Farrell for the bunt attempt), Thames (-.220) and McGowan (-.103, not helped by the defense).

The Fangraph is pretty:


Our 11th walk off win of the year. Nice to have a team that battles right to the end. 

Tomorrow is an afternoon game, 1:00 Eastern. Henderson Alvarez (1-2, 3.09) takes on the Yankees and Bartolo Colon (8-9, 3.55). 

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