My Toronto Blue Jays Top 30 Prospects

It's that time of the year again! I'm sure Tom and Woodman and the guys will do their own list, so here's mine.

I didn't include any player with even one game at the major league level. This creates a dilemma, since Brian Jeroloman has been up with the club for weeks, but hasn't played a single game. Whatever.



Cream of the Crop

1. Travis d'Arnaud  C      (Stats)

I don't think there's any doubt that d'Arnaud is our best prospect. Hitting very well in the pitching-friendly Eastern League. Highly regarded defence. Profiles as better hitter than Arencibia.


Bash Brothers

2. Anthony Gose  CF     (Stats)

3. Jake Marisnick  CF     (Stats

Our two premium CF prospects. Gose is playing at a higher level than Marisnick, but Marisnick has shown the complete package. I think these two are interchangeable, really. Both excellent prospects.


Wild Arms

4. Drew Hutchison  SP     (Stats)

5. Deck Mcguire  SP     (Stats)

6. Noah Syndergaard  SP     (Stats)

7. Justin Nicolino  SP     (Stats)

8. Nestor Molina SP     (Stats)

Five of our best pitching prospects. This is the pecking order I see them in, but I could certainly see them shuffled around.


This Is Where It Gets Messy

9. Adeiny Hechavarria  SS     (Stats)

- The reports on the glove are fantastic as usual. Been hitting well at Vegas in SSS. If the bat can get going, He could easily be top 3 next year (or be promoted to the majors)

10. Daniel Norris  SP     2011 Draftee

- I actually think this is a little low for him. Not overly projectable, but athletic and has a solid repertoire that could feature a plus FB, plus CB, and plus CH when it's all said and done.

11. Asher Wojciechowski  SP     (Stats)

- Good FB and SL combo, so a move to the bullpen seems imminent. Hasn't had the greatest season at high A.

12. John Stilson  RP     2011 Draftee

- Fell in the draft due to injury. Has an electric FB, and, from what I hear, a great CH. If healthy, would move quickly through the system as a RP.

13. Aaron Sanchez  SP     (Stats)

- I'm still high on him, though he hasn't yet been effective in his professional career. Plus FB and promising CB. Very raw, and would benefit a lot from improving his control.

14. Christopher Hawkins  OF     (Stats)

- Had a great season at Bluefield. Shows great tools: can hit for average, power, is athletic, and has a strong arm. I'm high on him.

15. A.J. Jimenez  C     (Stats)

- Follows up on his impressive season at Lansing with a great season at Dunedin. Is a fantastic defensive catcher, with a career 42% CS rate in the minors. Hits for a high average, and has cut down on the K's this season. Hasn't yet hit for much power.


Murky Waters

16. Matt Dean  3B     2011 Draftee          - Fell due to signability issues. Good power and a good arm at 3rd.

17. Kevin Comer  SP     2011 Draftee          - Inexperienced and needs refinement. High ceiling from what I hear.

18. Michael Crouse  OF     (Stats)          - Toolsy with plenty of power and speed. Strikes out a fair bit.

19. Marcus Knecht  OF     (Stats)          - Impressive raw power. Like Crouse, has to cut down on the K's, but can also take walks.

20. Adonys Cardona  SP     (Stats)          - Very young and super projectable. I think he could/should be a lot higher. Had great peripherals in the GCL.

21. Joe Musgrove  SP     (Stats)          - Big and projectable. Works in low 90s with heavy sink. I've seen comparisons to Harang.

22. Jacob Anderson  1B     (Stats)          - Big power potential, but raw hitter. Scouts say he's a good athlete, and can handle OF.


23. Moises Sierra  OF     (Stats)          - We all know about his cannon arm in RF. For a big guy, his power really hasn't show much yet.

24. Jeremy Gabryszwski  SP     (Stats)          - Has a good SL and CH, but inconsistent. Has an injury history.

25. Carlos Perez  C     (Stats)          - Hasn't followed up to his excellent 2010 season. His CS rate has also dipped.

26. Dickey Joe Thon  SS     (Stats)          - Blood disorder ruined the season for him. When playing, he showed he could take a walk, but did not hit for average or power.

27. Eric Arce  OF     (Stats)          - Small but powerful. Impressed in his short stint at Bluefield. Scouts say he's athletic enough to handle the OF and has arm strength.

28. Roberto Osuna  SP     (Stats)          - Can already hit 94 MPH at age 16, but velocity has been inconsistent. Has feel for pitching. Already 230 lb, so he's going have to work on his conditioning.

29. Sean Nolin SP     (Stats)          - Mediocre FB but good CH and a developing CB. Has pitched well at Lansing.

30. Kellen Sweeney 3B     (Stats)          - Injury limited him to 9 games this year. Hasn't had a chance to show off his talents.


Could Be In There Somewhere

Michael McDade, KC Hobson, Drew Permison, Dwight Smith Jr, Darin Mastroianni, Chad Jenkins, etc, etc.


I'm not the prospect guy, so there's probably a bunch that I forgot to mention. if you find anything wrong in the information, don't hesitate to point it out. Any feedback is good feedback. Thanks.


P.S. Does anybody remember that random blogger who ranked Nicolino ahead of Drabek in the list of Blue Jays pitching prospects pre-2011?

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