Who's on Second?

Yes, sadly it’s that time of year again. The baseball season is coming to an end, and Canadian baseball fans are once again upset that their beloved Blue Jays won’t be in the playoffs for the 18th straight year. Jays fans will probably also have a lot of question regarding their team going into the offseason. Will the Blue Jays find a closer and revamp their ‘pen? Will AA make a jaw dropping trade that only he could make? Will Yu Darvish be wearing a Jays uniform next year? These are all great questions, but one thing I, and many other fans, want to know is, who will be playing second base next year? Is Alex Anthopolous going to try and get Aaron Hill back? Will he sign Kelly Johnson to a long term contract? Or will we trade for one or try to get someone in free agency? I know what I’d do if I were in charge, and that’s what I’ll be discussing in this post.

Yes, it’s been a bad year to be a second basement on the Blue Jays. Aaron Hill was, quite frankly, terrible. Kelly Johnson has been decent, but still not exactly "great." And all the other players who’ve played there (Johnny Mac, Mike McCoy, etc) have been average or below that. Well, fear not Jays fans. I’ve a fix to the gaping hole in the middle of the infield, and his name is Brett Lawrie. But isn’t he a 3rd baseman? Well, yes and no. He played at second for almost the entire time he was in the Brewers’ system, and was only converted to third this past offseason when AA traded Marcum for him. And trust me, he’s a great middle infielder.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: If Brett Lawrie is moved to second, who will play at third? Well, fine reader, I’ll tell you who: Jose Bautista. Yes, the best player in the universe that probably won’t be MVP this year. You saw him play third for a good chunk of this season, and he was very good there. Joey Bats has great range, and made very little, if any, errors while playing there. Obviously, Bautista can't be at third and in Right Field. That’s why I’d move Eric Thames to right, put Travis Snider or Adam Loewen (whoever performs better in Spring Training) in left field, and keep Colby Rasmus in centre. The lineup already looks better, right? Right.

Now that we’ve got out starters at second, third and in all the outfield positions, let’s take a look at who else will be in the Opening Day roster:

C: JP Arencibia

1B: Adam Lind

2B: Brett Lawrie

3B: Jose Bautista

SS: Yunel Escobar

LF: Travis Snider/Adam Loewen

CF: Colby Rasmus

RF: Eric Thames

SP: Ricky Romero

Beauty, eh? If that’s not a lineup that can win it all, I don’t know what is! Do you agree? Disagree? Think you could do better? Leave a comment on this post, or message me on Twitter @mitchell_jj.

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