The Jays of 2012

The Jays of 2012 

The 2011 Bluejays season is winding down, with a miniscule chance of making the playoffs. With seasons like this I always keep myself hopeful by predicting the next year of the BlueJays.

It seems that at the end of the previous couple of years, many have said that next year is the year for the jays. Sigh... 

It seems that our future is really bright, thanks to amazing trades and drafting of players by our Greek God, AA. 

Who knows maybe 2012 will be the year that the Jays begin to contend in the AL East,

Still its too early to tell, so lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst 

My Last Year prediction were absolutely terrible but I'm going to give it another shot!

2012 Bluejays Lineup:

Take this lineup with a grain of salt because anything can really happen, im more focused on the players from who we have. 

1. Yunel Escobar SS, R 

2. Colby Rasmus CF, L

3. Jose Bautista RF/3B, R

4. * Edwin Encarnacion, DH, R

5. Adam Lind , 1B/DH, L

6. Brett Lawrie, 3B, R

7. Kelly Johnson, 2B, L **

8. JPA, C, R

9.  Thames/Snider, OF, L ***

* Possible signing or trade of a big name, such as Prince Fielder

** Depends on if we sign him or we let him go

*** I have no idea just trying to fit who I believe will be in the lineup 


Players who will most definitely be here in 2012 (Oh who am I kiddin', who know's what AA will do) * 

Yunel Escobar: He's getting a bit older and will be turning 29 in 2012, his bat is a must in our lineup as he is productive and maintains a great average. (my only knock on him is when he grounds out, he doesn't seem to sprint or even try to beat out a throw).

Stats Prediction:  .300 average, 10-15 HR,  60 RBI's ,  5-10 SB.

Colby Ramus:  One of the pieces for the future of the Jays. Been Hearing a lot about his potential to hit 30 HR and steal 30 bases. In my opinion he's going to start to prove why he was such a stellar prospect and put up good numbers up on the boards. He need to stay healthy and continue to improve his swing. He is only turning 26 next year so he is still a young prospect.

Stats Prediction: Average of .270, 25-30, HR, 80 RBI's, 15-20 SB

Jose Bautista: This guy is the definition of hustle and heart, he's constantly hustling and trying to do anything to help his team win. Unfortunately he has been plagued by lack of protection this year. He will be turning 32 next year and I do believe we will see a slight decrease in his numbers, but in my opinion he will be playing into his late 30's. 

Stats Prediction:  .300 average, 30-35 HR'. 100 RBI's, leads MLB in walks again

Adam Lind: Adam Lind is one of my favorite players and it sucks to see him struggle this year. A lot of people are kicking lind for his 250 average, 24 Hr's and 79 rbi's, saying that they're disappointed. It may be a little; however I think many people fail to realize that he's missed over a month of playing this year. Lind will be turning 29 next year and In my opinion will be entering the most important  season of his career. He should be rather disappointing im sad to say next year. 

Stats Prediction: .250 average, 20 HR's, 75-80 RBI's 

Brett Lawrie: This Kid is absolutely ridiculous eh?! What a AAA and MLB season he's had this year! He's definitely a player to build around and he's only 21! (turning 22 in 2012). In my opinion he will bat in the 6th spot next year and before all the angry mob comes and tries to maul me, i have to say that he is very young and is not ready for a high spot in the batting order, however in a year or two i believe he will be taking over bautista's third spot in the order.

Stats Prediction: .280-.300 average, 15-25 HR'S, close to 80 RBI's, LEADS MLB IN SWAG and Minutes in BEAST MODE

JPA: JP has had a good rookie season as he has the Bluejays record for HR's for a catcher. My only nock on him is his low batting average, yet I am not that worried. 

Stats Prediction: 225-240 Average, 25 HR's, 75 RBI's 

*All Stats are barring injuries 


Starting PItching

  1. Ricky Romero
  2. Brandon Morrow
  3. Brett Cecil
  4. Dustin Mcgowan 
  5. Henderson Alvarez/Kyle Drabek 
Pitchers who will most definitely be with the Jays (Oh who am I kiddin', who know's what AA will do)

Ricky Romero: I'm not completely sold that Ricky Romero is our long time ACE, however his numbers were amazing this year. I expect his to break out this year and be another fill in for the all star game next year. He will be turning 28 in 2012 

Stats Prediction: 220 IP, 3.20 ERA, 187 K's, 1.2 WHIP, Record: 18-10

Brandon Morrow: He's done nothing to prove to our team that he's a legit no. 1 or 2. He has the stuff to dominate but consistency is an issue. I expect to break out as well and bid to become our teams ACE in the 2013 season. He will be turning 28 in 2012. 

Stats Prediction: 200 IP, 3.70 ERA, 220 K's, 1.35 Whip, Record: 16-8 

Brett Cecil: Really struggled early on but is starting to improve and regain his 2010 form. I don't expect him to become a great starter and in my opinion he will lose his spot in the rotation as the no. 3 and will fall to 4 or 5 in 2013. He's still young and will be turning 26 in 2012. 

Stats Prediction: 175 IP, 4.3 ERA, 120 K's, 1.4 WHIP, Record 11-10

Dustin Mcgowan: what a great story right? I strongly believe that he will be in the starting rotation and make up for lost time next year and prove himself to be a consistent started for out beloved Bluejays. He is turning 30 in 2012 and will probably have his innings cut to save his arm. 

Stats Prediction: 145 IP, 3.5 ERA, 120 K's, 1.2 WHIP, Record, 9-6 

Henderson Alvarez: He's having a good year with both AA and the Jays, and will continue the trend in 2012, He's another one of our young guns and will be turning 22 in 2012. 

Stats Prediction: 175 IP, 3.6 ERA, 150 K's, 1.3 WHIP, 10-7

Kyle Drabek: This is a questionable call as he has had a very inconsistent season this year. He's only 24 and will be turning 25 next year. In my opinion he will struggle and be sent down but will bring it around when he's called up in 2012 

Stats Prediction: 100 IP, 4.5 ERA, 55 K's, 1.5 WHIP, 6-6

Tell Me what you think and your predictions! 

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