Analysis of Video Bautista

Thanks to Redonred for alerting us to the news that Jose Bautista is on the cover of the upcoming Canadian release of MLB12: The Show. Jose twoot a link to a commercial featuring him that the producers of the game made. It, predictably, shows multiple examples of Bautista doing what he does best - mashing dingers. Check out the video.

I have taken it upon myself to identify as many pitchers as possible who are depicted as victims of Bautista's power in the ad. I have ID'ed most of them, but I need my capable BBB colleagues to help fill in a couple blanks.

The list is after the jump:

Time - Pitcher - Evidence/comment

0:15 - Carl Pavano - #48 Twins, dirty stache, can later see name on jersey at 0:24 when throws pitch.

0:19 - ?Derek Holland? - Rangers lefty, gross facial hair. Compare here.

0:27 - Ubaldo Jimenez - #30 Indians, see name at 0:38 when throws cap. The OF watching the ball leave Progressive Field at 0:49 is Shelley Duncan (Indians #47).

0:28 - John Danks - LHP, looks like White Sox unis, see close up of Danks throwing pitch at 0:45.

0:43 - ?Holland again? - LHP, looks like Rangers Ballpark. Compare screenshot with this photo.

0:43 - Luke Hochevar - #44 Royals.

0:45 - John Danks - #50 White Sox.

0:46 - Buck Showalter - Orioles manager getting pissed at his pitcher for giving up yet another Bombtista.

0:47 - Jered Weaver - #38 Angels. Characteristic mechanics.

0:49 - Rays pitcher (unseen) - Can see Rays logo on backstop.

0:53 - Unidentified Yankees pitcher - Seen but cannot identify. Yankee Stadium sign is prominent. Perhaps someone can identify the pitcher based on mechanics?

0:54 - Unidentified Twins pitcher - Catch quick glimpse of "Target Field" sign. RHP. However, this is not the same HR as before off Pavano as Bautista is now wearing the baby blue third jersey (vs. Home white uni before). No identifying marks on pitcher. Could still be Pavano, but not necessarily.

0:55 - Justin Verlander. This one was tough, but compare the screenshot with this photo. Note buildings beyond the right-CF wall and relatively small RF grandstand. Uniforms look like Tigers and catcher is wearing #13 - Alex Avila's number. Mechanics look like Verlander, but may be a different Tigers RHP (Scherzer?, Porcello?)

0:55 - Hochevar again.

0:56 - Jimenez again.

If anyone can figure out the few I couldn't get, I would be very grateful.

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