2012 Offseason (Figured I'd be one of the first to get mine up)

So we all know there are about 100 more of these posts coming. And I know I will read almost everyone, because we have such a great group here it seems like everyone has a unique idea that makes you stop and think.

Except maybe this one, but anyway here goes nothing:

Sign: BJ Upton 5/55

I have long been enamored with Bjs talents. Easy power, incredible speed and the ability to glide around the outfield. Sure there are times he wont run out ground balls or hustle after a ball in the gap, and that frustrates me more than anyone. But his talent is undeniable. The biggest negative against signing Upton might be having to listen to Zaun tear him apart on every routine 4-3 putout he jogs down the line.

Obviously this move in contingent on BJ (or Colby), sliding over to LF. Bj's defensive numbers are not as impressive as you might think, and his brother plays a corner outfield spot. So I am hoping he takes over LF and becomes our leadoff hitter.


To finish my point on offense, I would allow Hech to play 2B and hit 9th. I don't think hell hit more then .240/.300/.360, but well live with it for the glove.

So now I have addressed the lineup. My bench would include Yan Gomes, his versatility and potential for a RH platoon with Lind intrigues me. Also I wouldn't spend resources on the bench that we can use for pitching.

Sign: Ryan Dempster 2/32

This makes a ton of sense to me. Locking up guys to long term deals in pitching is way to risky for a team with our resources. Not to mention we have a ton of young arms coming up. Dempster can be effective for a couple years and then turn his spot over to (hopefully) one of the Lansing 3. Its a short term commitment for a guy whose been fairly consistent for a lot of years. Sure we are overpaying since he is coming off a great year, and sure its worrisome that he has pitched in the NL almost all his career. But it makes sense based on age, contract and effectiveness.


I think almost everyone is in agreement that AA has to get 2 arms, and I am no different. I would love to say Zach Grienke but I really do not see it happening (although we know AA likes him...) but a guy I have liked for awhile, and yes its another NL pitcher

Sign: Anibal Sanchez 4/36

Anibal is a guy with really good stuff. But it didn't totally click for him. Hes the type of guy who will give you a solid season, but leave you wanting more. His stuff and age make him attractive to me, and its gives is a nice mix in our rotation.


So these 3 would add about 36 million to the payroll. We might save a bit of money of 2B and guys from the pen leaving. So all in all it would involve adding about 30M in payroll. Which I do not think is out of the realm of possibility. I do think that AA will address one of the pitchers through trade. And if he gets a young controllable high upside guy, I won't complain. But trades are extremely tough to predict or handicap.

I think these 3 moves make a ton of sense and improve the Jays a lot

LF Upton

3B Lawrie

RF Bautista


DH Lind

CF Colby

SS Escobar


2B Hech

Bench: Gomes, Mathis, McCoy, Davis

Morrow, Dempster, Romero, Sanchez, Happ

Pen: Janssen, Santos, Oliver, Delabar, Lincoln, Loup

I wouldn't hate some comments. Just to know people care what I think. Maybe I made a little sense, or maybe I am a complete moron. Either way, let me know!

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