The Odd Couple: Starring John & Alex

Alex turned the key to the lock and pushed the front door open.

At least, he tried to, but he encountered some resistance.

Bracing himself against the door, Anthopolous pushed, hearing the sound of cans and bottles rolling away on the other side of the door.

Alex sighed. He knew what awaited him.

"John, dammit, I told you to clean up today!" yelled Alex as he walked inside.

John sat on the couch in the living room of the small one bedroom apartment. He had been staying here since he was hired by Alex last year. Alex had been gently reminding him to find his own place, but John kept shrugging it off. He felt there was some kind of opportunity just around the corner.

"Sorry Alex, I'll get to it tomorrow. By the way, I hope you weren't saving that bag of Cheetos in the cupboard. You know how it is, once you start snacking you just can't..."

"THAT'S IT!" shouted Alex. "I've had enough of you sitting here on my couch, eating my groceries and leaving your dirty laundry and garbage all over this apartment."

John looked surprised.

"Whoa, easy there Alex, I told you I'll be out of here soon. I'm just waiting on the final word on something. Just, here."

John reached into the couch cushion and pulled out fourty eight cents, two old gummy bears and half a used Q-Tip.

"Take this as a sign of good faith."

John handed him the money, the Q-Tip and one gummy bear. He popped the other one in his mouth and went back to watching NCIS.

Alex stood there, too stunned to speak.

He went into his bedroom, pulled of his tie and changed into his Les Expos T-Shirt and Youppie pajama pants.

He walked into the washroom and could hear John laughing at the new How I Met Your Mother, which must have just started.

In the sink of the washrooom were John's socks. Alex grabbed them and ran into the living room.

"John, what the hell are these doing in the sink!?!?!"

John looked up and chuckled.

"Well darnit Alex, haven't you ever heard the only water that cleans grass stains out of socks is bathroom water on account of the extra fluorine in it?"

Alex threw the socks at the wall. They stuck.

"That's it John, this just isn't working out anymore. I let you stay here so you could get settled in, and all I asked was for you to just help out around the house. But this is ridiculous. I used to think of us as friends, but now there's too much friction here to keep this room mate situation going."

"Here we go again." John said as he dramatically rolled his eyes. "Next you're going to tell me to move out, just like always."

"This time, I'm serious John."

"Come on man, I didn't erase all those TiVO'd episodes this time like you asked. That's gotta count for something!"

"It's not about the episodes, it's about all of it. The mess, the strange decisions to open another bag of chips when there's already a perfectly good one open, the socks in the sink, the weird bullpen decisions. It's all just too much."

John was frozen on the couch.

"All right Alex, all right. How about we just sit and think about this for a bit. It's been a long season and we've both said some things we'll regret if we keep going."

"John, I need you out. Now. There's this good kid named Bogaerts, says he's low maintenance, responsible, he'd love to rent the couch for a while. I think it would be for the best."

John collected his clothes in the middle of an oversized napkin. He tied the corners to a long stick and walked to the front door.

"All right Alex. But I just wanted to thank you for giving me a chance, you know?"

"I know"

"Take it easy."

And with that, John Farrell and Alex Anthopolous parted ways.

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