Forget the Red Sox, let's get back to talking about the Blue Jays

First post on this site, lifelong Blue Jays fan (Though for some reason growing up, Canseco was my favorite player - What a role model!!!!)

Let me start off by saying that I HATE all things Red Sox! I hate them more than I hate the Yankees. You can laugh at the Yankees, but you can only hope that John Farrell and the Red Sox fail miserably. I hate the Boston media, I hate the Celtics, the Bruins, Ben Affleck, Curt Schilling's stupid bloody "Red sock". Fever Pitch is the worst movie in the history of the world and I hate Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore for just being in the movie. Just needed to get that out of my system, let's talk some Blue Jays and where we go from here.

For the past couple years, the Jays have had a good lineup on paper with a few "if this guy can step up, we will get over the hump" and put fear in other teams (Lawrie, Snider, Hill, etc.). Something that has killed the Jays is lack of depth. Having Nix, Patterson, Vizquel, Gomes, McCoy, Mathis and Co. coming off the bench, or being your answers for injuries won't cut it over a 162 game season.

This is why I feel like TDA, Hech and Gose all have to start the season at AAA and FORCE their way into the lineup, or at least get called up only in case of injury. I want to look at this a little more in depth for each spot since they each cover the biggest question marks in our day to day lineup.

Catcher: JPA should be the starter out of spring training. He isn't perfect but is average at worst. He has some good pop, calls a decent game. Jeff Mathis should start the season as our backup catcher until TDA develops a little more at forces AA to move him.

2nd base/Short: Escobar isn't getting traded so he's at short. I would have loved to get Scutaro at 2B, but his incredible playoffs means he will probably be back in SF and less likely to join the Jays. Keppinger is a decent option. Aviles is an ideal UTIL guy that can sub in for 2B, SS and 3B. Then we have Hech in AAA to hopefully force our hand or be an injury replacement. I'm also not opposed to bringing in the extremely versatile Brandon Inge.

LF/OF: Dream scenario, we package Rasmus and prospects for Justin Upton and throw tons of money at BJ and Kate Upton as well. An OF of the Upton brothers and Joey Bats makes me drool. (I am not getting all sabermetrical on this post). Rajai would be on the bench and Gose would be an injury call up, or called up if he forces our hands.

Now that I've woken up from my dream. VIctorino, Melky Cabrera, Grady Sizemore (I know he is more fragile than Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable), Ichiro (why not) and Cody Ross, are the FA's that appeal to me. Carlos Lee is listed as a LF, but I would have him play 1B. The trade route is always interesting, but if I mention Crisp or anybody else, we know AA will scratch them from his list and go off the board.

Lineup would then be:

C: JPA/Mathis

1B: Lee/EE

2B: Keppinger

3B: Lawrie

SS: Escobar

LF: Upton (But really, Melky Cabrera)

CF: Upton (But really, Rasmus)

RF: Bautista

DH: EE/Lee

**All of our trades would be focused on pitching, which is a whole other story.

Enjoy the post, comment on it, rip it apart, offer up other suggestions. As long as we are talking Blue Jays baseball and not the Red Sox, it's all good.

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