Blue Jays Draft Pick Anthony Alford's Mom Arrested

Athony Alford running with the ball. - Chuck Cook -US PRESSWIRE

It is tough to be a parent, sometimes, and it would be very tough to listen to some drunk fan ragging on your kid.

I got sent a link to a story (thanks Rick) about Blue Jay 3rd round draft pick Anthony Alford's mom, who got arrested at one of her son's football games:

The mother of Southern Miss freshman quarterback Anthony Alford was escorted from the stands at M.M. Roberts Stadium Saturday and charged with a pair of misdemeanors after being arrested by Hattiesburg Police.

Lawanda Ann Alford, 38, was booked into the Forrest County Jail Saturday on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges.

She got into a loud, let's say discussion,with a fan that was loudly giving his opinion of her son's play in a Southern Miss 59-24 loss to Marshall. I understand that people get pretty excited about their college football in the southern states.

Now I'm a parent, and I'm sure I wouldn't like to listen to someone ragging on one of my kids and my kids have played sports so I've seen parents get overly worked up about a game. It isn't hard to happen, for some reason, when a game is going on, it seems very important. And I'm sure it is the same with a child that gets to the college level.

I have seen parents cause troubles at games before, not often thankfully, but there is the occasional parent that thinks his or her kid is going to the NHL or the English Premier League and the rest of us are just getting in the way. I always feel bad for the kid. But I've never seen one arrested at a game before.

Apparently Anthony wasn't having a good game, he was 9 for 21 in passing and rushed for 12 yards on 10 carries before leaving the game with a hand injury (maybe it is time to focus on the baseball career).

It isn't the first time his mom has been removed from one of his games:

This past spring, she came out of stands and onto the field of play at Petal High School's baseball stadium after her son was ejected for arguing a called third strike during the first game of the South State playoffs against Harrison Central.

After showing her displeasure by screaming at the umpire, she was escorted from the stadium by school officials.

Sounds like a fun lady, doesn't she. Maybe one day we can share a beer at Rogers and throw the bottles at the umpires if a call goes against her son.

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