A long shot at fixing LF

Maybe I'm crazy, but I always try to work against players under 30 being banished to 1B/DH whenever possible.

Before continuig, I'd like to give a hat tip to MjwW who apparently has already thought about this before, although from the begining he was on a slightly different track, looking at more of a chain reaction set of platoons.

So, I'm thinking that Lind moves back in to the outfield. LF to be specific. His range is not good, but he's also been out of shape or boarderline out of shape in the past. His glove is fine, and his arm - while not good - wouldn't be a liability in LF. A trimmed down Lind should be able to handle LF a few times a week.

If Gose is in the OF mix, and assuming Jose is good to go, then that doesn't leave much room or reason for Lind, so I'm going to go ahead and assume Gose gets most of next year in the minors.

With that assumed, then Lind can start a platoon in LF with Davis, or, if we're lucky, a bat like Cuddyer, Ross, DeWitt (played some LF in 11 & 12), or Reed Johnson.

Cuddyer probably wouldn't cost too much in a trade, and the Rockies might eat some of his salary. Still, he would cost something, and even though he can play all around the diamond, I think the costs will outweigh the benefits. He can also make a case for being a full time player. Having some DH at bats for him could go a long way in keeping him healthy.

Ross is another guy who could make a case as a full time player. He's not consistent enough to say he's a good decision every season, but he's rarely terrible. He's a free agent who will not be offered arbitration. He seems likely to go back to the Red Sox, so he isn't a target we could bet on. If we could get him, he could back up all the OF positions well enough to not be a terrible everyday player in the event of an injury, while making a great platoon partner.

A guy like DeWitt, is a very reasonable option. As the weak side of the platoon, he'd remain on the bench most games giving us positional flexibility from a guy who can play all around the infield. I question his ability to play LF, but he's done it before and if I'm living in a world where Lind can do it, how can I question anybody?

Most other players are going to fall in to a catagory similar to one of those 3. Either a boarderline everyday player, a great bench option, or a fringy player.
vs RH/LH
LF: Lind/Davis
CF Rasmus/Ross
1B: Cooper/E5

I'd like to see them try something like that. If Cooper isn't ready, Ross could DH against LFers as well, or bump Lind in to the 1B/DH spot and take over LF (with E5 staying at DH or moving to 1B).

Working platoons not only gives a better on-field product with what we have, but it also provides some major league ready depth. Should injuries strike, it's also a lot easier to fill just one side of a platoon than it is to get an everyday player. If an everyday player is picked up for LF, then the occaisional start against righties should be where Lind falls in, and otherwise he should probably be kept to the 1B/DH mix. If Jose went down with an injury, I wouldn't feel nearly as bad starting an Lind/Davis, Rasmus, Ross, outfield as I would a Davis, Rasmus, Sierra, outfield.

In the end, it probably wouldn't make a huge difference, and wouldn't be much of a solution past the 2013 season. But for next season, providing some positional flexibility, while maximizing some players' splits, could go a long way to increasing their trade value and give us a slight boost in production in the mean time.

Sans a Josh Hamilton signing, I think it's going to be the creative "value" moves that define the success of our season.
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