The Jays of 2013- Competitive With a Farm

Warning: May Contain Some Outside of the Box Ideas

I was just going to modify my last post as I went along, but I thought it would be too confusing in the comments. Here's some more ideas of what I would like to see the Jays do. Aside from win. Hopefully you guys like them and find them more realistic then last time. Let me know what you think. Here it goes again:

BlueJays Sign: SP Dan Haren (3 Years/ 36M)

Breakdown: Rumour has it that the Angels may let Haren file his Free Agent paperwork this offseason. He is coming off a weak season but still is a solid option for AA. He has started at least 30 games every year since 2004, which is a good fit for a team that desperately needed an innings eater last year. Could he continue to be a 4.30 ERA pitcher? Yes, but that is still a decent line as long as he is logging innings. He's been pretty consistent over the years and should be able to bounce back to his regular form in 2013. He did have a 3.17 ERA in 2011 and his FIP suggested it should have been even better. He may cost a draft pick if he is offered arbitration and turns it down, but i'm willing to make the sacrifice for Haren.

If Haren is not available then I look to guys like Marcum, Dempster and Anibal Sanchel in free agency. I had mentioned Josh Johnson as a trade candidate but he may be too pricey in terms of prospects for just one year. One other option? Matt Garza. The Cubs will be shopping their right hander and would be looking for young pitching in return. The Jays have tons of young pitching and could match up well with the Chicago's North Siders. I say it takes Nicolino (a top 100 prospect in the MLB) and a player with similar value to Hechavarria or DJ Davis.

I will not suggest it because most people will say it is too unrealistic, but what about Zack Greinke. Is it really that much of a long shot? Greinke has not want to come here in the past, but why would he? If I had a no trade clause I would want to go to a contender as well, something the Jays could never offer before. If the Jays make some moves early in the off season they could prove to Greinke that they can contend. Money would also speak volumes to Greinke. With the other deals I have only spent 10M on offence. For a player like Greinke the Jays could go out of their budget a little bit and afford a big contract on this team. It may be a little bit of a long shot, but I'm not ruling it out.

Dreaming out loud again, what if Roy Halladay was available? The Phillies are old and they know they have to get younger. They already have Hamels and Lee and could use the money they would save to sign a decent pitcher as well as fill larger needs. He is getting older and he may be starting to decline, but does anyone else think it is at least a possibility? It would be an absolute shocker but Toronto fans love him. Just something I think would be pretty cool, anyone else think it is at least possible for a decent price (Money may need to be involved)

BlueJays Sign: (SP) Brandon McCarthy (One Year/ 6.5M Base Salary)

Breakdown: He is definitely a risk, but he is a very good pitcher when healthy. It would not kill the organization if he did not pan out, and if he does then AA looks like a genius for the move. McCarthy can win ball games and we have the depth to fill his spot in the rotation if there is an injury.

Another option is Clay Bucholz of the Redsox. If Farrell goes to Boston then i'm asking for Bucholz in the move, even if I have to give up a mid level prospect in the deal. I do not know if Bucholz is a crazy asking price when you compare his contract with his numbers. His ERA was in the mid 4's last year so I think he is attainable. He does have upside and could be a very good #4 starter for the Jays. Daniel Bard's name has also been thrown out there in Farrell talks, not a bad bullpen option I guess.

Justin Masterson and Paul Maholm would be decent options as well depending on the price. If the Jays some how got Greinke they would probably have to look for a cheaper pitcher for this role.

Blue Jays Acquire: (SS) Asdrubal Cabrera

Indians Acquire: (OF) Jake Marisnick, (SP) Daniel Norris, (RHP) Sam Dyson

Breakdown: I mentioned Cabrera in my last post but now think we would have to give up more to get him. The Indians top 3 prospects are middle infielders so they could fill the role in the future. They have a weak farm and could definitely use some young prospects. Marisnick and Norris have upside but are also quite far off. It is a hefty price for the Jays, but Cabrera could be one of the leagues best two baggers. Acquiring a potential all star in his prime has a cost.

BlueJays Sign: Jason Frasor (1 year/ 3 M)

Breakdown: You know enough about him that I won't go into much detail. Just another option in the pen, and I think he would welcome a chance to return to the Jays

BlueJays Sign (2B) Ryan Theriot (1 year/ 2M)

Breakdown: He would be a backup so I will not go int much detail, as there are many options. Just needed a name for the Bench spot. He would easily be an upgrade compared to Vizquel.

BlueJays Acquire: (OF) Julio Borbon

Breakdown: I'm not sure what it would take to acquire him, but not too much. He did not play for the Rangers this year and is no longer a prospect, so he could be had for fairly little. I'm giving Rajai Davis the starting LF spot, so I needed a left handed bat that could take Rajai's spot on the bench while he starts. When Gose is ready to take over, Davis moves to the bench and Borbon to AAA.

BlueJays Acquire: (OF) Vernon Wells

Breakdown: Am I crazy? Yes. Boy am I ever going to take some heat for this in the comments. We spent years trying to get rid of Vernon, and now we get him back? It is actually not that crazy of an idea. Vernon could be had for little, and we wouldn't need to pay much (or any) of his contract. The Angels may just release him, so if we offer them 500K I mean it's better than nothing for them. Vernon could actually provide some value to the Jays. He could be a veteran leader similar to Omar Vizquel this year. Sure he has had some awful years but he still has some pop and is a strong fielder. His 2007 numbers could actually be worse than his 2012 numbers, but he followed up that year hitting .300 for us. Vernon would not start but could spell Lind and Rasmus vs. Lefties. What's there to lose? Vernon was a great ambassador for this Organization and for all the charitable work he has done, it would not be a bad P.R thing for the Jays. He could welcome a return to Toronto, backing up some young exciting players.

Don't Freak, it's jus a bench role. Now here the team:


  1. 3B Brett Lawrie (R)
  2. 2B Asdrubal Cabrera (S)
  3. RF Jose Bautista (R)
  4. 1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
  5. DH Adam Lind (L)
  6. SS Yunel Escobar (R)
  7. CF Colby Rasmus (L)
  8. C JP Arencibia (R)
  9. LF Rajai Davis (R)
Bench: OF Julio Borbon (L), OF Vernon Wells (R), C Jeff Mathis (R), Ryan Theriot (R)
This Lineup may look even better with TDA and Gose. Hech, Gomes, Cooper and Sierra are also available to be called up at any time. How's that for depth?
Rotation: 1) Brandon Morrow (R) 2) Ricky Romero (L) 3) Dan Haren (R) 4) Brandon McCarthy (R) 5) J.A Happ (L)
Bullpen: Janssen(R), Santos (R), Oliver (L), Delabar (R), Frasor (R), Loup (L), Lincoln (R)
That leaves Jenkins, Beck, Alvarez, Cecil, Stroman, Crawford & Carreno for depth. Looks like a strong Buffalo Bisons team.
I have dealt Marisnick and Norris but I still think the farm is strong. So tell me what you think.

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