Friday Bantering: Ortiz, Haren, Managers

He'd look far better in blue - Otto Greule Jr

Little bits of news and some links on a Friday. I can't wait till we get some real news.

There are a bunch of little stories out there, let's take a look:

  • Ken Rosenthal tells us that the Jays want a 'seasoned manager' (you know, a little oregano, some paprika...). The suggestion is that Sandy Alomar, Jr, Tim Wallach, Matt Williams, Demarlo Hale and Brian Butterfield don't have the experience of being a manager in the majors. That's always the choice, do you take someone that managed and presumably failed somewhere else or do you take someone that hasn't had the chance yet to make all the mistakes that will get them fired. I think that all 5 of those guys have enough experience, either managing in the minors or being on major league coaching staffs, that they would be able to hit the ground running. Does Don Wakamatsu's season and 3/4 as Mariner manager count more than the life time in baseball that Alomar, Wallach, Williams, Hale and Butterfield have?
  • Rosenthal also lets us in on the suggestion that the Rangers would be interested in David Ortiz. Yes, but we are too. The question, to me, is how much do you want to pay someone that is going to have to sit out the games in the NL parks. There are going 10 of those games next season, he'd be an expensive pinch hitter for those 10. But then, a really good pinch hitter. The Red Sox will make a 'qualifying offer', so it will take more than $13 million to get Ortiz out of Boston. Is he the best use of our money?
  • John Farrell is 'talking' to bullpen coach Pete Walker about the bullpen job in Boston. It would be nice to get our manager in place so we can start thinking about coaches. Please Alex.
  • Dunedin manager Mike Redmond gets signed to manager the Marlins, I wonder if the Jays thought about him for our job?
  • The Drunks mentioned Kenny Rosenthal's suggestion that Jim Riggleman could be on Alex's list of potential managers. I have my doubts, but then I can honestly say I don't remember anything about Riggleman's abilities as a manager.
  • Dan Haren is likely to be traded today, or at least he thinks he is. The Angels have until 9:00 PT to decide to either pick up his $15.5 million option, decline it and pay a $3.5 million buyout or try to trade him. As with any toy we want, the Red Sox want it too,
  • Richard Griffin tells some great stories about former Expo pitcher Pascual Perez, the day after the reports of his murder came out. Perez was a favorite of mine too, he had a lot of fun playing the game. I like guys like that.
  • Bob Elliot tries to make the case for Ernie Whitt as manager. Sorry, ain't going to happen.

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