A Trade For R.A Dickey

The Jays have filled nearly all their needs so far this offseason. One area I think the club should look to improve in is the starting rotation. With the payroll higher than I ever expected, the Jays may not be able to afford some of the big names on the free agent market. They also may not want to further hurt the farm by trying to acquire a pitcher with multiple years of control. So why not R.A Dickey?

The Mets are facing some financial uncertainty and may have to lower payroll in the near future. They have Johan Santana's monster contract and still have to pay the recently released Jason Bay. Their franchise player, David Wright, is one year away from free agency. They seem interested in extending him, but he won't come cheap. Dickey is also a year away from free agency, and extending a player after a CY Young season isn't exactly the best time. The Mets don't seem to be anywhere near contending next season and will likely have a hard time extending both Wright and Dickey. If they can't extend Dickey, his trade value will likely never be higher.

The Mets biggest needs are at Catcher and the Outfield. The Jays are going for it and are strong at both of those positions. The two teams seem like perfect trade partners. Dickey is 38 and shouldn't be counted on to repeat last season's success. He should, however, be the top of the rotation starter the Jays are looking for. Given his skill set and low 2013 salary, I think he is the player I would like to overpay for.

Here is my proposed deal:

BlueJays Get: SP R.A Dickey

Mets Get: C JP Arencibia, SP JA Happ, UTIL Emilio Bonifacio

Breakdown: The Jays would now have a rotation of Johnson-Dickey-Morrow-Buehrle-Romero, which would be quite the staff. They would also not raise payroll any further as Happ and Bonifacio will likely make more than Dickey in 2013. The Mets get a cheap, controllable MLB Catcher. They also get Happ, who should be a decent starter for the next couple of years. Bonifacio could be a solid CF for them and be the leadoff hitter they have been looking for.

I think this trade benefits both teams as both teams should be better off because of it. The Jays improve in the rotation without giving up any prospects. I considered replacing Bonifacio with Rajai Davis and Daniel Norris. JPA should be expendable with TDA waiting for his chance, as well as having John Buck as insurance. Happ and Bonifacio's loss will hurt the Jays, but the players are making a fair amount of money.

I'd love to hear your comments on whether or not you would be interested in Dickey. As well as what you think of this 'trade'.

What do you think it would take to acquire Dickey?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

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