A "Different" Idea- Wladimir Balentien

Looking at the Jays offence, there isn't much more to do. Aside from 2B and DH, I think this team's opening day lineup is quite clear. For 2B Izturis and Bonifacio seem like decent options, that leaves DH the real question for me. Adam Lind seems to be the guy at this point after a strong second half in 2012.

Now here's the thing about Adam Lind.... he can't hit lefties. Everyone not named John Farrell seems to be in agreement with that. We could use a lefty masher to platoon with Lind, and play the occasional game in the field. Rajai could do the job, but he may be needed to platoon with Rasmus. His speed off the bench is valuable, and I think we lose quite a bit of power when facing lefties in that scenario. Another lefty masher may not be a huge need, but it sure would be nice.

Johnny Gomes seemed like a good option before signing on with the Redsox. So who else could fill this role?

Wladimir Balentien

Who on earth is Wladimir Balentien? The reigning homerun champ in Japan last season. Here's some information on him:

Balentien is a 28 year old RHH outfielder from a very tiny Latin American country. He spent time in both the Mariners and Reds organizations before departing for Japan after the 2010 season. He played 170 major league games without putting up the best of numbers.

Japan has been nice to him however. Balentien posted a batting line of .270/.386/.572 in 106 games last season. He led the league in home runs despite only having 422AB's. To put this in perspective, Balentien posted an OPS of .958 in Japan, while Mike Trout's 2012 OPS was .963.

Balentien has tremendous power. I watched a video of him hitting a ball out of the stadium he was playing at in Japan. It was pretty impressive. His plate discipline has been his biggest concern throughout his career. I have read he has a pretty strong arm but isn't anything special defensively. He doesn't have blazing speed but did reach the double digits in stolen bases three times while playing in the minors.

Balentien made 750,000 last year and (it appears) he is not under contract for 2013. This would mean that a posting fee would not be required.

Anyways, I'm curious to see if anyone likes the idea of signing him to platoon with Lind/ back up in the outfield. Let me know what you think!

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