MLB 2013 Draft - Sleeper Prospect

It's a good long while before the next draft but until the Winter Meetings there's nothing much to talk about for now. I just wanted to highlight one unheralded player who I hope the Jays consider in the second round or third round.

CONRAD GREGOR from VANDERBILT is one of the best pure hitter's in the draft, has solid athleticism across the board, and plays for a good program against good competiton putting up good numbers. The only thing he's really lacking right now is big time power, but his raw power is evident and he started to show some more pop in the Cape Cod League this summer. Our system is loaded with pitching, and athletes, it would be nice to perhaps add some very good hitters to the fold (maybe a Kris Bryant or Colin Moran at pick 10 as well).




Conrad Gregor, 1B/OF, 6'3 220, L/R, Vanderbilt

(60-Time) 6.75 (OF-Arm) 86mph

College Stats:

(2011) 58(gp) 170(ab) .353/.456/.471 3hr 32rbi 11(2b) 32(bb) 30(so) 2(sb) 2(cs)

(2012) 63(gp) 229(ab) .328/.439/.463 3(hr) 35(rbi) 20(2b) 1(3b) 41(bb) 41(so) 10(sb) 0(cs)

(2012-CCBL) 44(gp) 149(ab) .329(avg) 8(hr) 21(rbi) 7(2b) 1(3b) 38(bb) 40(so) 7(sb)

CCLB Report:

At the Cape in 2012, Conrad Gregor began to show the power that scouts have been waiting to see him display in games. If the power numbers carry over to the spring, Gregor will be one of the more interesting bats eligible for the 2013 draft. Good athlete, especially for a 1B. Open stance, nice, short swing, very good approach at the plate. Good raw power. Solid defense at first, strong arm, hard working, hustling player. VIDEO

(Big League Futures, 2012)

NCAA Report:

We knew Gregor had huge raw power. We didn’t know his freshman year approach would be so solid. I might seem overly optimistic on all of the players mentioned in the College World Series prospect series, but you have to remember this is an unusually talented CWS group. Gregor has that plus raw power, a potential plus hit tool, outstanding defense at first and average defense in an outfield corner, a strong throwing arm…in other words, just about everything you’d want in a prospect. Aaron Westlake went in the third round this year; it’ll be interesting to see if Gregor, a better player at this point in his development, can improve on that in two years. VIDEO

(Baseball Draft Report, 2011)

HS Report:

Big strong athletic build, plus strength. Open stance, very good swing, quick hands, very short to ball, shows power, nice extension out front, have to believe he's going to hit and hit with power at the highest levels. Very good athlete, 6.75 in the 60, consistent 4.3's to 1B, hustles, plays both 1B and OF well, absolutely outstanding at 1B. Very good arm strength, likely upper 80's guy off the mound if he pitched. Big guy with tools and serious hitting ability. VIDEO

(Perfect Game, 2010)

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