Updated: R.A. Dickey's Conversation On Prime Time Sports Today

Stephen Dunn

For those who want to hear from the newest Jay.

PTS on Rogers Sportsnet or FAN590 in Toronto or any local affiliate who carries the 5pm hour of PTS.

UPDATE: Quick Summary (Minor Leaguer)

- R.A. Dickey (RAD) is happy that Alex Anthopoulos (AA) gave him the pitch that he was the "missing piece"

- Had a great conversation about family life in Toronto, what it's like to move the entire family over, AA assured him of concerns. Air Canada has direct flight to Nashville.

- AA gave RAD a great vision and plan for the team, AA was very passionate and made RAD feel very desirable, as the missing piece that will make franchise successful. He became "all in". [Minor Leaguer comment: wow, it sounds like he was really happy to be wanted]

- Pitching indoors as a knuckleball pitcher is the most comfortable, can get consistent movement without susceptibility from the elements. When it's beautiful outside and humidity is just right, can leave dome open. But he pitches in all climates.

- Like true bounces on AstroTurf since batters hits pieces of the ball (due to big movement) and generally hits it on the ground.

- Prime Time Sports host Bob McCown asked whether rotation order matters to RAD. RAD wishes he can see the data (!) to see if there are any effects. But have talked to opposing batters--it's tough to adjust after knuckleball, especially in the same game when a mid-90s reliever comes in after a knuckleball pitcher. He thinks he benefits for a hard throwing starter to go before him or after him.

- J.P. Arencibia (JPA) texted RAD the day it was announced, left voice mail. They both live in Nashville. JPA treats this as a challenge. But he is glad Thole and Nickeas came over too. Knuckleball catchers must have good hand-eye coordination and athletic skills.

- At first, RAD tried to be Tim Wakefield, Charlie Hough with the slow knuckler, but he eventually realized he can throw the 82 mph knuckler. Took a long time to learn how to manage speed.

- RAD Will start throwing after Christmas. From Jan 22-Jan 30 he will be going to India with daughters, will head up to Toronto in the spring for an informal presser and look around town with his wife.

- Was called "R.A." by parents since he was alive. (McCown has the same first and middle name as Dickey)

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