Epic Fan Sport Moments!

Hello Friendly Friends,

Since DannyofBosnia was kind enough to start what looks like a potentially epic series of FanPosts I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and add this little tale of joy. I invite you all to add your own epic stories of Sports related epic glory.

I've debating about posting this for sometime. It is definitely related to the Blue Jays and this story is probably in the top 5 best nights of my life. Please excuse my inability to write good with proper formatting, grammar and what not.

Diane And The 1992 World Series

Some of you may remember that for game 6 of the Toronto/Atlanta World Series the powers that be, opened up the then SKYDOME to all Jays fans to come down and watch the game on the Jumbotron. Ticket for the home games were at a premium, expensive and hard to come by, so this kindness was really an amazing opportunity for the hoards of poor, young and rowdy fans. Now remember Skydome was still a futuristic wonder at the time and the Jumbotron was the biggest TV set in the North America at the time (Google it if you want -I'm not checking). No idea who's idea it was but it'll probably never happen again. Just for the price of some canned goods for the JaysCare food drive, we unwashed Jays fans got a chance to fill the dome and fill it we did.

I would have to say that every kid from my high school who had a car or a friend with a car had made the 45 minute trip downtown and was now filing into the dome. Me and my cadre of meathead brothers settled into the middle rows of the 200 level about in line with 1B. At this point I would like to take credit for the selection of this seating area. At the time there was a lot of debate as to the best place to sit and most fans bolted straight for the field level seats -logical right? All my friends wanted to sit in the infield but I wisely new that we were there to watch the Jumbotron and not an actual game and the best most comfortable place to do that was the 200 level. I made my case and the less intelligent of my friends made a break for the field level seats -which did pay off later but to this day my seating choice was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Thinking back to this night I can't remember any police being there. As it wasn't a game, there were only ushers to keep fans off the field and control the crowd. Any sense of 'control' pretty much ending once the placed filled up. I don't know the numbers but the place was well packed and the atmosphere was somewhere on the scale between 'circus like' and 'prison riot'. In reflection it's a miracle we didn't tear the place to it's foundation after Joe caught the ball from Timlin. So my hat's off to Ellis Don.

In truth this story could end right here and still be a great baseball story, but no there is more. Now happily entrenched in the 200 level drinking from our pop bottles filled with whatever we had scored from out parents liquor cabinets, I noticed that sitting 2 rows below me and my friends sat what could only be described as the most beautiful girl I have ever seen at a sporting event! Now every time she got up from her seat all eyes followed her as she went up the stairs. All talk about the game stopped and switched to estimates of when she might return so we wouldn't miss anything.

Feminists of the world you may want to stop ready reading here. I don't know how to put this better then to say this young woman was very well endowed, physically -blessed you might say, by the mighty Viking Goddess Tittian. Now if the section stared when she went up the stairs it was like the building was being hit repeatedly by lightning when she walked down those stairs. It really was what the term EPIC was designed for but seeing as it was 1992 nobody said that yet. Lets just sum up by saying she was so hot she could make time stop and a blind man see.

For nine plus innings we would cheer, talk baseball, drink whatever we had brought in with us and ride the emotional wave of the game. I remember going crazy whenever the game feed cut away to a live shot of us in the dome watching us watching ourselves on the Jumbotron it was surreal. But still every time this girl got up and went for a walk the game disappeared and world stopped turning.

Then in the 11th inning the Jays took back the lead when Dave Winfield hit a 2 run go ahead double -we were jumping and punching ourselves in the face we were so crazy happy! But in the bottom of the inning things got tense -as you all should know- after an error by a Blue Jay SS not named Tony Fernandez. Then after a run scoring ground out pulled the Braves within a run our Black Father figure came out to talk to Jimmy 'the' Key. Cito called for Mike Timlin which met with a lot of mixed feelings from the crowd. With this break in the action I made my move -this really should show up somewhere in the box score of this game, as it truly was the best play of the night, even if I wasn't on the roster.

I had been talking to the guy sitting in front of me for most of the game so he was well prepared for what I was about to do. So when I tapped his shoulder he jumped out of his seat and got the guy in the seat in front of him to move so I could climb down behind her seat. I guess her friend saw the commotion behind her and pointed it out because they both turned around just as I landed. Now I guess the excitement of the moment and the fact that my attempt to hit on her was being watched and wildly encouraged by just about every guy in the section, she smiled and was friendly.

This is what I said to her -when you imagine this it helps if you imagine me as Tom Cruise in Top Gun, as that's what I had in my mind at the time. I introduced myself and asked her name to which she responded 'Diane'. I said; "I want to make a bet with you." She replied; "Oh really? What's the bet?"I bust out into a huge grin and said: "If the Jays hold on and win this game, then you have to give me your number. If they lose, I have to give you mine!" She laughed and nodded. I looked back to my friends and with a big cheer we turned our focus back to the Jumbotron. My new friend that parted the way for me literally picked me up and pulled me back over the row in front of him. Side note it's always a good idea to make friends with the biggest dude in any given location. That's how I made it through High School.

History was made as Timlin got the final out and the stadium exploded in joy -our section turned into a massive pile on of hugs and high fives -it was awesome. Now I can't remember if I had a pen or if someone shoved one in my had but when I found Diane in the crowd she had already written her number and written a message on a little piece of paper. On it it read in French(Extra Hot) Bon Chance! with a little heart and name and number. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left me standing in the isle. Then I was mobbed and pretty much carried out onto the concourse.

Meanwhile my friends who had sat in the field level seats were now on the field, rounding the bases, sliding and filling their pockets with dirt. The party eventually spilled out of the dome and onto the street, growing to Biblical proportions in it's jubilation and debauchery. That could be another story on it's own.

Now you're probably wondering, if you're still reading this, whatever happened with you and Diane? Well of course I called her and we went on a few dates and yes, deals where closed on said dates. Turned out she was 24 and me being an 18 year old punk, this was a pretty big coup. I'd love to say that Diane and I fell in love and are together today but alas, after introducing her to this new white rap group that I was big into I showed up at her house to find her blasting her brand new House of Pain CD and unfortunately decided I had to cut her loose. Yes I was that trivial and that big of a douche but to be fair, being cool and not being branded a "Poser' was of prime import in 1992.

Go Jays Go!

1992 Toronto Blue Jays World Series Post Game Party (via BookemDeno)

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