Prospect Poll: Who will be this year's Call-up Demand?

It seems to me that for every year there's always a player who struggles and the switchboards light up with JaysTalk Callers demanding that the struggling player be benched and some top prospect be called up.

Two years ago, when Lyle Overbay struggled the cries for Brett Wallace went up almost immediately. Last year, when we couldn't seem to find anyone to play 3rd and Aaron Hill was struggling, they were calling for Brett Lawrie and Adeiny Hechavarria. I even recall one call to Bob McCown when I was a child and someone was complaining about how poor the outfield was and how they should bring "this Vernon Wells kid up from Syracuse". So my question is, who will it be this year?

*This is not about us, this is about the Jays Nation as a whole, which as sad as it is we make up a small portion of.

The Candidates:

Triple A Hitters (Given the PCL they'll all have inflated numbers and look "ready")

Anthony Gose- With Colby Rasmus' poor finish to last year, he's on a short leash with these mainstream fans, not to mention the LF semi-vacancy.

Travis D'Arnaud- Arencibia is good but he does have his faults, and once fans hear of TDA's good defense and good batting average they'll surely want to see JPA relegated.

Adeiny Hechavarria- He was called for pretty heavily last year (even on here) but given the current middle infield, this year he looks like a long shot.

David Cooper- He had an excellent season last year in AAA, but it didn't translate too well to the majors. With Adam Lind coming off another poor season, I imagine it won't be long before people are calling for a change.

Mike McDade- Again, it's likely that Lind will have his struggles at times, if they occur early on people will want a change. If he outplays Cooper, McDade could be in the spotlight with mainstream fans.

Double A Pitchers

Joel Carreno- Not sure if he'll actually start the season in Double A but if he starts in Triple A it's unlikely he'll be mentioned for call-ups at all. If he's in Double A he'll get enough strikeouts for people to pine for him to bolster a struggling middle relief.

Drew Hutchison- If he continues to put up the stats he did last year people will assume he's the ace we've been looking for since Doc left and will want him up regardless of struggles in the Major League rotation.

Deck McGuire- First round pick with an advanced repertoire that has advanced quickly up to Double A. If he starts out well and one of the back two of the rotation struggles he may be the first one being called for.

Chad Jenkins- Pretty much ready to go, he won't be on any innings limit as he could go over 200 IP by the 120% rule AA seems to like. Again, a first round pick which the mainstream fans may be tempted to attach some extra value to.

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